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for Ruthless: The 89th Hunger Games

2/24/2018 c5 10TheAmazingJAJ
Oooh, my sweet girl, no one has a clue what happened to you, but they'll love you when they find out. Charlotte's character really fits the way I imagined her to be like, and I'm really happy for that. I also like how you had the way she thought on how to escape, because that was really well done, and I liked how it showed her nature. Emyrs is fun, but he'll probably not make it. Wonder if Heath is eating his words right now? Can't wait until the next chapter!
2/24/2018 c4 TheAmazingJAJ
YES YES YES YES! I love myself some sadistic District 2's, and this pair is living up to their legacy. Kalidia is great, no perfection with the way she made sure of getting to the games, and Nolan's family is really funny. If only we can see more of them...
Hopefully we can have one of these make it to the top 8, because their family interviews would sure be entertaining!
2/24/2018 c3 TheAmazingJAJ
Woah, poor Crystal! She has an interesting dynamic being abused from District 1, and hopefully she can come past any PTSD to do well in the games! I'm glad that Topaz is more of an average career, because it's always fun to watch them, and it helps settle things down with so many different types of people in the careers. Looking forward to the next chapter, and may it be a party!
2/12/2018 c2 TheAmazingJAJ
So Cetus is visiting District 9? I think it's fun how we have two polar opposites who both want or are destined to be game makers.
I like Estella more, but I really like Cetus's mom, just because she is the only one in the chapter to realize that "rats carry diseases!"
2/12/2018 c1 TheAmazingJAJ
I better review! I really like Estella, and the Fetus Friends cult is funny! Maybe if you do another SYOT, Estella can be an assistant, and keep moving up...
2/11/2018 c5 3iridescenteverdeen
yooo i dig these 2! i reeaaaly want to read more about charlotte because she obviously has an interesting past and she seems like a character i could really come ot love, def want 2 find out more abt her personality! also quite like emrys, hes quiet&reserved and i can see him as 100% a bloodbath but i still think hes sweet. great chapter man as always, died over 'a pal named abe lincoln', cant wait to read more!& i can always do the 9 male if u want just hmu
2/4/2018 c4 iridescenteverdeen
i am so fucking excited to see these 2 in the arena man! both seem vicious and mean and it is going to be v v interesting to read abt once theyre in there killing people and causing unrest in the career pack! i always love district 2 tributes and nolan and kalidia are no exception. i like kalidia a little more i think because she just seems straight up evil and malicious and scary, whereas nolan, whilst stilla huge threat and obviously is still very bloodthirsty, to me is kinda just more mean and more of a bully. out of the 2 of them i think kalidia will go further because she is older, has more experience etc - and seems highly skilled, what with the whole catching the pancakes thing. still the two of them seem like huge threats (particularly interesting that they both seem to be able to act pretty well, kalidia with the woman who was interviewing her at the start and nolan when he was addressing the crowd at the end of his chapter) and i think both of them are possible victors, or if not will make it v v far. great chapter and writing like always babe

mine: topaz(d1m)
love: kalidia(d2f)
like: crystal(d1f) nolan(d2m)
2/2/2018 c4 1LongingForRomeo
I'm v sorry you're having a bad day bruh, if you need to talk to a random stranger on the nnternet hit me up because I feel that's what everyone needs sometimes.

Neither of these two tributes seem luke rhet will do great in the arena, both have trained hard so will be more equip than many of the other districts but on career standards they don't seem too great.

Nolan sounds over confident and not fully prepared for the arena, as other careers are younger as well he won't find age his biggest issue but his mind will be a bit downset when he thinks he's a lot better than he is.

There's a reason Kalidia was not chosen so she will be less prepared or have more weaknesses than other tributes that were chosen, despite her age she may be one of the least prepared careers and struggle with the killing.

I love how we are getting some different style career tributeskeep up the exceptional work.
1/29/2018 c4 5Nemris
District two, and my tribute.

Nolan seem a bit overconfident. No matter how talented you are, you could always use couple of more years of training. Maybe he will go for a angle of a young paragon, volunteering young is a sure way to get Capitol to look in your direction. Now we just have to see if he has what it takes in his age. I wonder how he fist into the career pack, he is the youngest member after all. Only two careers of the pack are 18 so there probably will not be too much trouble for him.

And there is my Kalidia, my glorious vicious devil. awesome job with her, you don't even realize how well you managed to depict her, I am actually surprised. Those two girls before her in line for volunteering. That scene in the training center was golden. "Wide eyes, small gasp". Brilliant. You really get her, keep up that image you have of her. I look froward to seeing her dynamic with the rest of the careers.

Mine: Kalidia
Like: Crystal, Topaz, Nolan

If anybody does not submit for D9m in a while I will take it up.

Keep up the good work.
1/29/2018 c3 Nemris
Okay, first tributes. Here we go.
Crystal seems like a very typical D1 girl, which is not a bad thing in any way. Plenty of room to write a character like that in an interesting way. She seem fairly balanced, she is a proper career alright but she is not too prideful not too confident.

Topaz is strong career no matter how you look at it. He feels like a very fitting tribute for 1, confident and a bit flamboyant, with skills to mach his pride. He is probably going to be the predicted winner or at least number two on the list.

I very much like your writing, these tributes feel like real people. I hope you can keep up the quality with everyone.

Like: Crystal, Topaz

Keep up the good work.
1/28/2018 c4 5Foxfaceisthebest
Oh my goodness! I'm so excited that you wrote my character!

Nolan - I can't write this without being biased. XD

Kalida - She seems like a good Career. I'm just super happy that she isn't one of those kind Careers. I HATE those.

1/23/2018 c1 Radio Free Death
[ hey guys, i'm back! this is probably a bigggg mistake but anyway, as you can see, i'm trying my hand at another SYOT. let's hope this one doesn't go down in flames like the other two... the form will be on my profile as well as the tribute list, and i'm writing this all on my phone so i'm really sorry if there are mistakes or anything. *happy accidents]

That's...not a good sign.

If you've tried writing two other stories like this and they never go anywhere, consider why. Is it because it follows the first book with twenty-four POVs and no rebellion? Is it like every generic SYOT? Will this story retread that formula or do something different?
1/22/2018 c3 3Mewkitcat
You wrote Crystal so well! I liked how fleshed out she was and how you incorporated her past. As for how far they’ll go I think Topaz will make it farther and possibly be in the final 6.
1/22/2018 c3 1LongingForRomeo
I liked this chapter.
Topaz was your average arrogant, know it all career. If he ends up leading the career pack (which I could see) it could cause some issues for them in the end with his head strong nature.
I like Crystal probably a little more, she has a more in depth backstory then many careers and is afraid of the arena something you don't see very often in careers. I could see her splitting from the career pack or not agreeing with them on all things.
Though she seems a swept away by Topaz and I have a feeling that guy can charm anyone.
Great chapter, keep it up.
1/22/2018 c3 3iridescenteverdeen
nice chapter man dig it!

obvi topaz is mine and despite being a lazy, arrogant dumbass i still love him so i was v happy to see that u wrote him v well! i like crystal a lot too, because she has a more detailed backstory and more advanced personality than you normally see in career tributes, especially district one tributes. she seems confident in herself and has some aspects of the typical district one girls, but then she also seems protective of her family and as a character i like her because she has a lot more than meets the eye: eg, the abuse it seems she suffered. hope you update soon b youre a v good writer and i loved this chapter a lot!(:

mine: topaz(d1m)
like: crystal(d1f)
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