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1/2/2019 c7 28Jet Engine
I'm sensing a lot of parenting problems are on their way. I mean, they were already there, but you know.

Poor Talon. He tries so hard, but he knows he won't be the heir. He doesn't even realize that Foop's yet to come. That surgery though. That's gonna end badly.
1/2/2019 c7 87Bookworm Gal
Very nice work. We get some more background info on Talon and the fairy legal system. Not to mention some cool world-building involving the appendix. And we get a small reference to Norm, which you know that I love. This is definitely a good chapter. I'm just sorry it took me a little while to get to read it.
5/8/2018 c6 28Jet Engine
To recap. Longwood and Bayard are bad influences, Elmer is witch, and Betty's gonna be very confused soon enough.

I like this new information on genies and witches. And, I am curious about what disease Gary had that stopped them from doing the blood transfer.
5/8/2018 c6 87Bookworm Gal
I really do worry about these poor kids. But Anti-Cosmo got to poke at his genie-based witch boy and that seemed to delight him. Though the conversation involved smooching a lot more than I expected. And you touched on the mystery of Bob the Boil, even if it wasn't on Elmer's face. I liked that brief discussion. Very nice work on this chapter. Good luck on more soon.
4/10/2018 c5 28Jet Engine
I can't decide who I trust less: Anti-Cosmo, HP, or Longwood.

So, Anti-Cosmo knows about Gary, and Betty is bonding with Longwood. The plot thickens, as they say.
4/10/2018 c5 87Bookworm Gal
Okay, I shouldn't chuckle as much about HP's moment of empathy for another, but it was pretty funny. Not to mention HP shooting his best friend out of the sky. This chapter had a lot of small and funny moments woven in with the usual world-building and some sad stuff since the kids have been recently orphaned. Very nice work.
3/13/2018 c4 28Jet Engine
And, Anti-Cosmo found out. Longwood is screwing with things, and this probably won't well.

Gary's performance was pretty cool. I'm eager to see more of his magic. Talon is also interesting. I'd forgotten all about that anti-fairy baby from "Fairly Odd Baby."
3/13/2018 c4 87Bookworm Gal
Gary has the power of musical numbers! Hehehehehe. No wonder "School's Out" was a musical episode. That made me grin like a maniac. And Sanderson does care about the kids and is trying his best to take care of them even while helping HP use them for their own agenda. Meanwhile, Longwood is getting a bit rebellious and almost treacherous. What is the one thing that HP doesn't want? Anti-Cosmo to know Gary is part genie. And what is it that he just did? Tell Anti-Cosmo that Gary is part genie.
2/27/2018 c3 Bookworm Gal
...Oh, my... As soon as he mentioned orange being a rare color, I knew. I knew what you had in mind and I started cackling like a lunatic. Oh, my... Gary's heritage is definitely unexpected, but entertaining. I mean, the kids are facing a lot of stuff and you're throwing out a lot of info, but you can definitely tell where my brain zeroed in on things. You are a genius.
2/27/2018 c3 28Jet Engine
*Amanda voice* GARY IS A WITCH! You just got Killmanned! (Couldn't resist doing that.)

I love how uncooperative Betty is. And, I have a feeling Anti-Cosmo's gonna get involved at some point. That could get messy.
1/30/2018 c2 Jet Engine
Hm. Things are getting very interesting with Longwood. Could Player 7 be our antagonist in this story?

On an unrelated note, I like H.P.'s tattoo. More accurately, I like the fact that he has one. You wouldn't expect it of him, but it just works for his character.
1/30/2018 c2 87Bookworm Gal
Well, well, well... It was definitely interesting to see Longwood's viewpoint. Not to mention that Gary saw their wings immediately. If they only became visible after he ate the pizza, someone would have noticed his reaction of surprise. So that is certainly interesting... I don't think Sanderson's explanation is exactly accurate. And H.P. having tattoos is an amusing mental image. Not to mention the blue fox with the rat reminds me of the recent "Frayed Knots" chapter with Anti-Cosmo. Is this the nonromantic and subtle equivalent of getting your girlfriend's name or face tattooed on your body? Anyway, yeah, this chapter definitely has a lot going on, especially if you've read the rest of your stories. I am very intrigued.
1/21/2018 c1 zachbrightside
I'm gonna have to re-read Baby You're a Rich Man now to totally grasp the tie-ins with that story, but very interesting so far.
1/16/2018 c1 28Jet Engine
This is really interesting, so far. Also, it must have killed you to write a chapter with less than ten thousand words. ;)

Gary and Betty are such weird and fun characters. It's nice to see that they're finally getting their own story. I'll know you'll make them proud.
1/16/2018 c1 87Bookworm Gal
Well, that is a heart-breaking way to start the story. Not to mention how it ties so well into "Baby, You're a Rich Man" to make it extra sad. Sanderson really didn't want this. He really didn't. But he'll do what HP says. And he will do his best to take care of Gary, Betty, and even Kenny while the two older ones are groomed for their purpose in the 37 year plan. And that makes me sad for all four of them. This is an excellent start to a backstory for our peppy pair. Very nicely done.

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