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12/30/2020 c29 17DS2010
The truth is out, I hope Tony and Claire work it out
12/30/2020 c29 1Asma20
Tony just tell Claire the truth and then give her time. Thanks for updating.
11/22/2020 c28 17DS2010
Damn that was some explosion
10/14/2020 c26 DS2010
I enjoyed the mix of Claire in the hospital scenes
10/14/2020 c26 Spidey8065
Great chapter. I can’t wait to see Claire reaction to see what she thinks happens to tony in the next episode. I can’t wait for more update soon
9/19/2020 c25 DS2010
I feel for Tony after Claire basically told him off after meeting Jeanne at the hospital
9/19/2020 c25 wildcat717
Pulling the heart strings awesome chapter can't wait for more
8/28/2020 c24 DS2010
Always liked this episode with the blind photographer
7/3/2020 c23 DS2010
Never did like Jenny's Frog hunt and her using Tony for it
6/13/2020 c22 DS2010
things are totally coming to a head with the Frog op
5/22/2020 c21 DS2010
Always enjoyed the Sharrife episodes and I like the inclusion of Claire's views on it and her interactions with the Director she really doesn't like her and I can say I am on her side never really liked Sheppard, I liked Morrow and Vance much better.
5/4/2020 c20 DS2010
Always in enjoyed the Sharif episode. I love your take on it
4/5/2020 c19 DS2010
Great take on the OTTO episode
3/11/2020 c18 DS2010
Claire is getting closer and closer to what Tony is up to.
I loved Otto
1/11/2020 c17 DS2010
Loved Tony spending the night with Claire especially after Tony is realizing despite Jeanne being in the picture because of Jenny he wants Claire more
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