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7/17/2018 c8 Erika
Just finished retracing this. I hope when you have more time you choose to continue it. You are extremely good at bringing that time period alive.
7/16/2018 c3 Guest
Is this story ever going to get updated? :)
6/28/2018 c8 Cynthia
Just wanted to let you know that I am looking forward to the next chapter:-)
4/22/2018 c7 2Kim Blythe
This train ride with Anne and Gilbert, was very much a rollercoaster one...
4/22/2018 c8 Kim Blythe
Now, that is a gift, made especially for Anne !

A bookshop, wow, this is so, so, so very much Anne !

And now, thanks to this Folly girl, I will always call or refer to Gilbert as Adam !
4/22/2018 c6 Kim Blythe
No way, did I read that part right, that last part, with Diana and Anne ?! Does Diana think about running away with Fred Wright, and get married, just the two of them ?! Or something approaching to that, because of the way Diana said : I mean, mamma will sulk either way...

Are you about to make Anne receive an important heritage, in the name of old Mr Keats ?!
4/5/2018 c5 Kim Blythe
So, when Anne and Gil were teenagers, they only made love with their fingers inside of each other ?!

And, it was only now, on new year's eve, years later, that they have made love, really made love together, with each other, for the very first time ?

And, when you said that Gilbert kept on going inside of Anne and going out of her, did you mean that he took that time outside of her to ejaculate ?

And, you'r story is such a particular one, that I was very moved with the fact that Gilbert asked Anne to marry him, while he was still inside of her, even though her answer wasn't a happy one...

Also, from the look of it, you are not going to make Gilbert win the Cooper prize, Anne already said know to his proposal, I have to say that I fear for Gilbert's health in the future of this story, if ever you decide to make him catch the fever...
4/5/2018 c4 Kim Blythe
That first line of this fourth chapter, Kat, was a treat to read !

I think this is just how strong Anne is as a woman, her studying the way of life of the foxes, for her to be able to find a way to survive while she was in Regina, was just a powerful thing to read !

And that last part in this chapter, with the urgency of Anne and Gilbert to finally feel and have each other inside of the other one bodies, completely made up for the longing, refraining, abstinence that they both had put on themselves at the beginning of this chapter !
4/3/2018 c3 Kim Blythe
In this sequel, you've made Thomas Lynde be alive !

You've made Ruby Gillis be alive !

But, you've made John Blythe die...

I am so glad that Anne came to live together with Rowena !

And, the end of this chapter is just a terrible torture, you not making Anne and Gilbert lay down together on his bed, but instead, you chose to make Gilbert simply stand there with Anne...
3/15/2018 c8 Guest
I love this! You're my favorite writer for Anne of Green Gables stories. Please update soon!
3/10/2018 c8 Janeygirl76
What a wonderful chapter, so full of life! I simply love it and feel the potential for adventure dripping from the walls of her bookstore (along with the mildew and plaster). So sorry I haven't reviewed the last few chapters, life has been more than the usual chaotic. But I thoroughly enjoyed spending a lazy autumn afternoon going 'into the depths of despair' with Anne and my fingers are positively tingling with excitement now that Anne has come to another bend in the road... what is around the corner?
3/10/2018 c8 PelirrojaBiu
This is getting better and better!

I’m sure we’ll find out more about Mr Mead and his curse!

There is more to Folly than her talkativeness and curves, I’m sure. Will she be a sort of Phil figure for Anne or am I just a phonetics freak that loves a good sound game? Mr Smythe is a dear, but I feel so silly for not having guessed there was no Mr Sherwood! But I did think it was Gil that Folly called Adam, but then, who else could that be? Interesting that for the time being they are both in the same town.

I loved that the first question Anne asked was not How do I do this, or How do I pay you guys, but it was about the shop’s name. The gentlemen working there have fabulous names, Mr Thistlethwaite especially must have suffered quite a bit at school, that’s such a mouthful!

Can’t wait to see Anne trying to put the shop back on its feet.
3/7/2018 c7 PelirrojaBiu
My God, the picture you’ve painted of Charlottetown, along with its smells and sounds and the wind (gotta have a wind) is my favourite part so far. So, so beautiful.
The train ride was painful as hell, but so necessary. I felt so bad for them both it almost felt good! Haha The way they managed to look at each other without having any eye contact and that „there is nothing to forgive” line from the orchand proposal broke my heart. Gil is definitely deep in trouble at school or even on his way out, a text course, my ass! Anne is being very vague about her time in the prairies, as if she wanted to say more but couldn’t. She attended his convocation, interesting!
Now off to meet those funny solicitors!
3/7/2018 c8 8Catiegirl
If this is what comes out in the spaces of your life, then I take my hat off to you- it's magnificent. The descriptions are so rich, the people are varied and piquant, and I'm absolutely sucked in to Anne's experiences of it all. The names you've chosen here are gorgeous- so kudos to you and to the people who helped you select them! I was so excited when I read that Anne becomes the owner of a bookstore- for those of us who are book addicts, it's a wonderful way for us to live vicariously.
Anne was wonderful here, in the way she didn't need to hide from the realities of the Charlottetown streets- when she was leading him, I chuckled- of course, she would need to with Crispin U. Smythe. I couldn't help but laugh at Anne's observations of the girl cradling the baby or the piglet- this chapter certainly FELT like tumbling down Alice's rabbit hole, not knowing which way is up- and I enjoyed it immensely. I loved that little tie between the docks and Diana's family, too- of course, the Barrys' potatoes went to the Boston Elite!
Alice aside, I felt like this section was a part of a fairytale- the witches hats, coming upon the tailor, the shoemaker and the bookshop- to me, it was everything I loved about Hans Christian Anderson: mysterious, unsettling, and never what it seems to be at first glance. And I was glad that Anne's bookshop was no different.
I found it interesting that Anne saw the expanse of ocean as being so similar to the prairies- 'a different kind of forever': the line itself is brilliant, but it seems to hint that whatever Anne was escaping isn't so escapable after all. Every chapter makes me curiouser and curiouser- and I can't help but try to puzzle out what all of this means between chapters. I love a story that makes me do that. Mr Keats' family story was a tale in its own right- and I loved that Anne saw the value it must have been to him. I love that his people recognised the fondness he had had for his mavourneen, and you did make me laugh with the yells of 'shop' and 'kick it'. I already love this broken down shop, and can't wait to know its secrets- Thistlethwaite and Pegerim are going to be favourites, I think. I'm curious to learn more about Folly too...
Anne watching Gilbert was so painful, even I got frustrated, thinking for her sake that -'he's here too?"- although I reason that I will be glad of that eventually. The cry she swallowed down, and remembering Marilla's words caught me in the heart, as did the line 'I'm sure he'll find everything he needs'. I'm utterly intrigued- I want to know everything about this story, and if it was a book I've had devoured it on the very first day. as it is, one chapter at a time is satisfying- and puzzling it out in between is a lot of fun. Loved it!
3/7/2018 c6 PelirrojaBiu
The titles of these chapters are really something else! Women's business all right, starting with Anne’s period and then moving to Rowena’s plans and, I imagine, Anne’s own future business, the bookshop! I loved this "ladies only" chapter. Ebba brought some needed comic relief and Diana is just so delicious I could eat her, but Rowena... As amazing as this story and Anotherlea are, you deserve a separate award just for Rowena. Gosh! Has there ever been a better written character? The way that she conveys both her love for Anne and her hurt in the whole proposal fiasco! In every sentence! LMM created some brilliant characters and you developed them beautifully, but Rowena? She is all yours! I knew Anne would not want to follow her, but I was almost angry at her for refusing! I'll miss her terribly.

Poor Anne, unable to say Gilbert's name, calling him Rowena's son... The way she thought of what a husband Gil would be made me cry. Gorgeous!

And poor Mr Keets! I was looking forward to meeting him again when I learnt the new story was to be set in Charlottetown. So will that run-down bookshop come from him? I thought Anne would inherit it from Aunt Josephine - sure, run-down bookshops don't seem to be Aunt Jo's style, but she could have invested some money here and there... Well, at least she is still alive and in good health, I hope.

I don't know if Mr Smythe and his partner will become permanent characters, but boy, did I laught at that letter. Currently deceased? Come at your earliest convenience, as long as that earliest convenience is January 5th? Can't wait to meet them!
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