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3/6/2018 c5 PelirrojaBiu
Please forgive me for such late reviews! I never read new chapters if I know that I have no time to write a review immediately after. Family and professional life has been a blately. And now I’m like 3 chapters behind! (What a pleasure it will be to read them all eventually, though!)

Gosh, wasn’t that painful! Poor souls! I don’t know who I want to hug/ slap on the hand more.

The way you described the sex part blew my mindso original and superbly written, without all the usual breaths and moans and shivers. So refreshing! (Lol, in the snow, duhShe begins to believe he will always returnwhat a gorgeous line! (Will he, though?) And Gil beingas out of his body as he is within hers”. Beautiful. One could tell there would be (at least for now) no happy ending for them (no pun intended, lol). Gilbert pushed her too hard (again, no pun intended haha), as if he knew deep down what the answer was going to be and was trying to convince himself otherwise. And Anne’s escape mechanisms kicking in! If only she had told him what she then said to Diana! Instead of calling him her brother! I loved those two scenes btw, them confiding in their best friends.

Strangely enough what makes me more worried than their romantic issues is Gil’s article and its possible repercussions. Anne had given him a pen and apparently some courage to speak his mind in papers (not that he was ever lacking it himself, but what if Claire was more inspiration to him that she had predicted?).

Gorgeous writing as always, can’t wait to read the rest!
3/5/2018 c8 Guest
I love this so much! I liked the part where you said Anne isn't used to being led - love how she's so independent. I just know she really loves Gil and you'll find a way to get them together eventually 3
3/5/2018 c8 14elizasky
This chapter is deliciously squalid. The Dickensian title is right in keeping with the decrepit atmosphere which is the chief pleasure of this installment.

It may be fandom blasphemy to say so, but I am so ready for this Anne to get over Gilbert and his tiresome Mood and on to the new adventure that awaits her at the bookshop.
3/4/2018 c8 7wishwars
Oh my goodness, that woman talked so fast - I was as confused as Anne! But she seems like someone ready to give Anne the push she needs to try to make it work :) I’m excited to see her completely transform the place, as of course she will :D
3/4/2018 c8 4OriginalMcFishie
I'm rushing out but couldn't go without telling you how much i love this story. It has a life and movement of it's own that I just adore. And now Anne owns a bookstore - such and Anneish thing to own. I'll be interested to see where this takes her, and where it takes her and Gil. Great chapter!
3/4/2018 c8 Regina56
Can I tell you how much I love that Anne is now a city dweller? Coastal cities in particular are my fave because they combine my two great loves; seashore and city life. In Anotherlea you emphasized the gentility of Charlottetown and as I read it I would envision Cape May, New Jersey for the backdrop. Your addition of the Harbour business district in this story are now conjuring up images of Charleston, South Carolina for me, minus the palm trees and warm weather. (This is not an insult, Charleston is a gorgeous city with loads of personality. ) I can’t wait to find out who this Blythe aunt and mysterious young lady are. Loved your homage to Dickens in this chapter as well as the nod to Anotherlea with your Adam reference. Anne’s reaction to the Gilbert sighting brought a lump to my throat. Thanks too for clearing up what happened to Gil’s ring after Anne threw it at him. It was bugging me.
3/4/2018 c8 NotMrsRachelLynde
What an unexpected but very much welcome surprise! And a great chapter as well. It felt very Dickensian to me with the vivid introduction of these new characters. And The ogling of Gilbert towards the end was fantastic. I think it always helps Anne to Gilbert through other people’s eyes. Thank you for squeezing in an update.
3/4/2018 c8 Guest
Wow again! I really think this is a perfect 7th chapter, I don't know much about the technicalities of plot and what should come when, but I know 7s are about moving forward into your fortune and this is just that! So awesome, I just love all these characters you've made and their excellent names. I hope we are gonna see more of Filomena and of course, Crispin U Smythe! Man I really love him, I know exactly who he is. Also my heart stopped just like Anne's when it was Gilbert out the window. Oh! And such a good chapter name, because you really captured the griminess of the town in a very ~Dickensian~ way, but it's not depressing it's fun! I can imagine Eleanor Lavish saying "Inhale my dear! A true Charlottetown smell!" Maybe that'll be Anne one day! 3
3/3/2018 c8 4Anne O' the Island
Hooray-you're back! And with the possibility of updating every week, nonetheless...well, things are just lovely, then.
Except that Anne and Gil aren't talking to each other. But that can be changed, can't it?
Well, I think I might have a new favorite character: Folly (Filomella is a bit of a mouthful) We haven't known her long, but she seems delightful.
And Anne has her bookstore(and honestly, isn't it every bookworm's dream to be bequeathed a bookstore?)-let the story begin!
3/3/2018 c8 7Formerly known as J
The more I read this story, the harder I find it to believe I'm reading this on FanFiction. I truly hope your plans to publish IRL are going well, kwaks, because if this is what you're writing for free I simply can't WAIT to read your original stories. Your writing is polished to perfection in this chapter - it's so glorious I barely know where to start! This story is so good, all the details so delicious, your characters so fully formed, I was absolutely beside myself as I read this.

First off, Crispin U, with his moustache and airs, pretending that Sherwood is out on official business - I adored him! That picture of him and Anne walking through Charlottetown as he takes her to show her 'sizable' inheritance, it was just wonderful and smacked of a scene straight out of a Dickens novel to me. I particularly enjoyed the little scene with the muck spattering his shoes as Anne leads him across the street. Unbelievable how much detail you can pack into a few sentences.

And then Anne ~ and we all know her character so well, but in this and Anotherlea, she has blossomed into the most interesting girl I've ever read about. She's still definitely Anne, but you've given her character such incredible shades of subtle change in this story that I love her even more, if that's possible. Maybe it's because I've always been a bit frustrated by how much Maud changed her as an adult - and I realise that was the entire point of Anotherlea back in the beginning - but here I just love her so much! She's smart and funny and fearless. She's wily and brave enough to negotiate the streets of Charlottetown, yet soft enough to choke back sobs as she watches Gilbert from afar.

And let's not forget Red Oak (OMG, does your genius NEVER cease? That name is GOLD!). I simply ADORE everything about the shop that Keats has left her, including all the delicious characters in it. Most especially Folly. Also, the Conk and the Mo. LOL. Ah, Folly, I can't wait to see a whole lot more of YOU interacting with them, and Anne.

This is glorious. Now that we're really getting into the meat of this wonderful story, I'm loving the chance to sit back, hang on and follow wherever you're going to take us, kwaky. I'm convinced it's going to be a fun ride. Great Expectations indeed. :)

Favourite line: Anne with her hands on the glass remembering that Gilbert had told her the least red thing always caught his eye. Sobs!
2/26/2018 c7 Guest
chapter 7 - you made me cry! :”~(((( It’s so painful and sad it just needs some melancholy classical soundt ack to go with it and I’d need a shower to recover. It’s too hard to go into the specific details of what I loved about the chapter! it’s so good and just makes me think and try to process all the emotions you depict so well. I loved the end though, the description of Charlottetown like a rainbow after the big silent painful storm of the train scene. I know this is where the story is meant to be, this is where Anne is supposed to be! thank you!
2/26/2018 c6 Guest
Chapter 6: First of all, Ebba is characterised so well! So is Rowena, I can really feel how she’s changed since her husband died. Hmm... Avonlea really is not the same anymore is it. Ah! such good writing, you bring the reader back with all the familiar details and characters from the first story, but illustrate so well how it’s not the same anymore, which reflects what Anne herself is feeling. I want to know more but I also want to get in there and help them! Anyway... I love that Rowena wants to go the prairies, can’t wait to see where it goes! It’s an exciting set up certainly. Also I laughed so much at “Currently? what on earth?”
2/26/2018 c5 Guest
Chapter 5 - you write conversations so well too! Diana and Fred are just awesome, the perfect fictional best friends you wish were real. This chapter is so sad thiugh, I can really feel the bitterness and confusion. I relate to both Anne and Gilbert but I’m also so frustrated with them! So... great writing ! again !
2/26/2018 c4 Guest
chapter 4 really captured such a mood more than anything else! I don’t know how exactly you did it but it’s just so wintry and melancholic, i really have such an image of Avonlea, I can almost smell and taste it! I get that with your depictions of Charlottetown too, both are so distinct. You write places really well, like their own characters. I LOVED the little hand from Davy, I can just imagine a Wes Anderson adaption of that scene, with all the little things laid out in a line, a birds eye view. Haha! anther example of your cinematic writing! :)
2/25/2018 c7 julie3113
This is a lovely end to this part of the story. I love how you write Anne here as she negotiates her flood of feelings that run the gamut from formal distance to desire to anger and blame. Her emotions are more complicated than Gilbert’s, not surprising given that she did the rejecting. Gilbert’s responses are more reactive and thus more predictable: his hurt and anger, his discomfort and his struggle to keep it all together. I really like that first image you paint with Anne and Gilbert standing on the train platform, unnamed at first, with that invisible barrier between them. The bit I like the best, though, is where Anne observes Gilbert almost empirically, cataloging his appearance by working methodically from the feet up, and breaking it down into familiar and unfamiliar elements. It’s her journalistic instinct at work, even in this highly charged situation. The description of Charlottetown as Anne steps off the train is wonderful in its chaotic swirl of sights and sounds and smells, all palpable and a bit seedy. Train stations make me think of Monet, and this one of his Gare St-Lazare, the version in London.
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