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2/22/2018 c6 julie3113
I like the contrast between Ebba and Rowena here. They are both formidable women, but in entirely different ways. I’m not sure which one would intimidate me more in real life. Ebba’s interior monologue at the beginning is just brilliant. I laughed out loud, but maybe it’s because she reminded me of my aunt. (Imagine it with a deep southern accent.) I have loved the character of Rowena from the beginning, but she’s not entirely likable. Neither is Anne in this story, and that’s part of what makes it so compelling. I like how you reworked the post-rejection scene from AotI into something much more complex. It’s good to have Anne hurt this way, it underscores and makes more believable the unruliness of her relationship with Gilbert. This is not about Anne second guessing herself or her decision, but almost wondering how she got to this point and how she knows (or thinks she knows) this relationship is not right when objectively it should be. And then she goes and rejects Rowena too. The details are beautiful as always. I particularly like how you described the Wedgwood mortar and pestle (although porcelain may not be the best material to use for grinding things), but my favorite must be the grub-like clods of cream spattered on Ebba’s arms. (My autocorrect changed the word clods to clouds; I switched it back, but I like the image of clouds of butter.) Between the description of Ebba churning and that of the big cake of butter Fred brings to the Christmas party earlier in the story, you just might be the best butter writer in FF-land!
2/20/2018 c7 NotMrsRachelLynde
I loved the discomfort our pair experienced in this chapter. Both so hurt and so afraid but still vulnerable and exposed despite the oddly formal, stiff attire they each wore.I was curious about Gilbert’s attire. For Anne to note how different he seemed, I was questioning if this trip was merely to visit family or if something else is going on. And that letter...how I would have loved to have seen that letter. I was perplexed with his frustration with Anne and his mother. Did he want Anne to go with her or is he upset that she helped his mother leave Avonlea?Obviously he is upset his mother left. His whole world feels like it is falling apart and you convey so well that uneasiness. And finally, the description of the city. The sights, sounds, smells, all so vivid. I truly felt like I was there. Thanks for letting us know there would be a bit of a break. I might not have been as patient as Gilbert. Looking forward to your update next month!
2/20/2018 c7 8Catiegirl
You know that look you get on your face when you see a car crash? That's the look on my face for most of this chapter- the tension was so great between them that my teeth hurt! The artificial cordiality and stiffness between them hurt- and yet it was inevitable. I loved those tiny glimpses of Anne's heart visible to us- "Those feelings aren't about to fade, just because he..."- and that terrible knowledge that she can never forget the way he was when he was loving her. It was beautiful and so precise- for some reason, this chapter reminded me of surgery- exposing the core hurt and ugliness between them to the light- but just as many beautiful things are hidden too- and you show that well.

I loved the way she catalogued his appearance- it was such a tactile description of him too, the too tight tie, shaved adam's apple and old coat- gorgeous, sensory details. I was with Anne in wanting the man off the train, I'd have pushed him myself- and the brave, brave girl who is only ever honest with Gilbert, however much it hurts. I loved the way the unwelcome intimacies kept cropping up, the thoughts about what could have been. I wanted to shake the pair of them, but I was proud too- they will survive this, and they so desperately need time away from each other right now- bring on Charlottetown.

I'm also feeling conscious of the haunting of Claire Fontaine- and the Anne that Gilbert used to understand- but I feel like there is an awful lot of hurt in Anne that we (and Gilbert) don't know about yet. It's common enough to want to know what is 'next' with a story- but your story makes me want more- it makes me hungry to understand. That's a gift of it itself. Like Davy, I WANT TO KNOW...
2/19/2018 c7 Regina56
I love when you give little glimpses into what happened after Anotherlea and before Charlottetown. I’m guessing Gilbert invited Anne to his Convocation dinner since she didn’t follow him to Redmond. I’d love more details about that evening. And Gilbert has an aunt in the Charlottetown vicinity! I think Charlottetown is getting interesting already. Thanks for the breakdown of your readership by country also. I’m impressed you have such an international following though it’s not surprising.
2/19/2018 c7 7wishwars
Oh man - the teeeeeensiiiioooooon! God that must have been such an uncomfortable train ride. I’m glad you clarified Anne’s feelings a bit more in the last chapter about being a wife - it really helped me. And that description of Charlottesville? Wonderful!
2/19/2018 c6 wishwars
I didn’t realize I was behind a chapter! Oh man, the emotions in this piece - I’m surprised Anne could even hold a conversation, by then it was Mrs. Blythe. It’s interesting to think how in this story I associate her as much with Anne as with Gilbert. And the way she knows Anne couldn’t say yes? She will miss her. I hope they’ll meet again later.
2/19/2018 c7 7Formerly known as J
Oh, kwaky, I'm for Charlottetown, too. Totally for it! That tension between our two was palpable, right from the little tableau you painted at at Bright River station with Gilbert standing like a post and Anne in her blacks. I loved it, and that entire scene on the train was wonderful, even though seeing them all awkward and embarrassed together is never easy to read. But the way Anne and Gilbert leap into life the moment the other passenger leaves was just perfect. That stilted silence was killing me!

You have a way of placing a myriad of pictures in my mind as I read that is just breathtaking. I found myself thinking of UTK when Gilbert was thinking of all the other things they could be doing alone in a train carriage together. Argh! Then I found myself thinking of Anne at the end of AoI when she was feeling shabby in her blacks. Double argh! But then, he used to like how she kept herself apart he used to know where she was going because he was going that way too. That one gave me shivers. And sobs. So good. Where do you get them from?

And that description of Gilbert all pristine and untouchable? Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I don't think so! I wanted to rip his father's hat off his head, jump on top of him and run my hands all over him, from his carefully shaved Adam's apple to his neatly tied shoes. Your writing is to die for, kwaks. To. Die. For.

And then you leave us with that amazing picture of Anne at Charlottetown. The bustling sounds and smells just put me right there on the platform with her, although being left with that image of Gilbert with the little boy and the memory it inspires in Anne made my heart break a little bit. Even though part of me desperately wanted Anne to go with Ro (you will give us more of her, wont you please?), I love how much she loves being back in Charlottetown.

And THEN, just when I feel like this story is REALLY getting to the meaty bits and I can't wait to turn the page and find out what happens next, you tell us you're not going to post for a month! What?! Plleeeeeeaaase come back to us as soon as you can. It's been such a treat to read one of your stories again - especially this one, a world which feels like a home away from home to me.

Favourite line: that crack of the newspaper as that gent read about the smuggler story opposite them. Your details are to die for. You must know it. To. Die. For.
2/19/2018 c7 4Anne O' the Island
Oh, how nice it is to have a new chapter come in!
I do like this Anne and Gil-they certainly have potential to make for an interesting story. They're not always the most likeable, but that makes them more human. And now Anne's off to Charlottetown (but you're leaving us hanging for a month at least! But who am I to judge? I haven't updated a story in just under a month)-and that bookshop, I presume?
2/19/2018 c7 stillpink
I just love the atmosphere you created in this chapter. I felt like I was the man behind the newspaper (poor guy, he has no idea how close he was to being thrown off a moving train!)

At first I thought that Anne might retreat into icy silence with Gil like she did in Anne of the Island, but I love how this Anne dives right in to the uncomfortable conversation. You have me worried about Gil’s future in med school, that commentary he wrote for the paper will likely rear its ugly head soon. I have a feeling his question to Anne about if he had to quit med school wasn’t entirely rhetorical.

Love the way you convey Gilbert’s vulnerability here. The description of his old coat and father’s hat really touched me because here he is, a farm boy trying to fit into this new world where he doesn’t entirely belong yet. The line about “rocks in his throat” really got me too.
2/18/2018 c7 4OriginalMcFishie
As always I hate tension between these two. They are so like two halves of a whole that it hurts when they're not together, and yet I completely understand your reasoning for them not marrying. Women's decisions were not easy in that time, as we can see in the decisions LMM herself made, and Anne has so much in her that needs to be explored. My heart aches for Gilbert but he needs to do some growing himself before he can truly be her hero and this Anne has to continue on her journey. I look forward to your mid March update!
2/18/2018 c7 39oz diva
Your descriptions of outfits and settings are beautiful. I can see Gilbert in the carriage and I can just about place myself in the Charlottetown Street, but noodle house? Are there Chinese people there already?

Sounds like Anne’s moving on, she needs to bury the hatchet with The Blythe Family in general and leave the past behind her. I wonder what she’ll hear when he goes to see the lawyer? I’m assuming it’s more than some books he’s left her.
2/17/2018 c6 8Catiegirl
I realised notifications were down only yesterday, I missed this coming through altogether! I’m so thankful for Rowena- how hard to be the person who understands and knows the two of them so well, and bless her for not blaming either of them, as much as they are all hurting now. I’m so curious as to Gilbert’s letter- and that locket... will it make another appearance, I wonder, like an enamel heart often does? Oh, for his darling broken heart... and Mr Keats! I loved seeing the affection of the elderly gentleman we met in Anotherlea, and am so curious about what his will will have to say- currently deceased! I did snort at that, legal terminology can be so funny. Charlottetown, here we come, I think... I wasn’t exactly glad to see Anne hurting, but it was right that she was, and glad Rowena could see it too. She loves Gil so much, but she won’t be untrue to her heart- at this point in the story, that’s such a key. That’s the Anne we know. And i’m Excited to see Anne and Di in Charlottetown again- I wonder if there is a breath of fresh air coming for both of them together.
2/15/2018 c6 stillpink
Oooh, now you have me curious about the Barrys’ financial situation? Are they selling off guest room furnishings to make ends meet? How perfect to have Rowena meet her opposite in Mrs. Barry, great interaction there!

What I mean by Team Gilbert is that I always felt canon Anne has a blind spot for empathy when it comes to Gilbert and I saw that in the last chapter. Sending lots of mixed signals, then being shocked when he wants to become closer in some way. Not that she should have to be closer if she doesn’t want to be, but at least some understanding of how he might come to that conclusion. It always seemed surprising to me since she is such an empathic character when it comes to Marilla or Matthew or Diana (her other great loves.) I am rooting for them to come to some understanding, whether that means being together or not. I’m excited to see what you have planned for us next!
2/14/2018 c6 NotMrsRachelLynde
This was such a powerful chapter and I think needed before we move to Charlottetown. I think my favorite line was Anne running through a laundry list of why Gilbert would be the ideal husband but her conviction that she did the right thing even if it doesn’t feel right. This whole exchange between her and Rowena feels similar to her post refusal conversation with Phil in the books. By much richer and emotionally raw. I am eager to see what happens with these two as they move forward from this. And I am getting more curious about Joe and Anne’s inability to get him off her mind...Wonderful as always!
2/13/2018 c6 Guest
I love that Gilbert gave her the heart necklace!
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