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9/5/2018 c6 Guest
This was very sweet. I'm glad to hear you're doing well. Don't worry about falling into a different fandom, that happens to me all the time. I usually find my way back around to previous fandoms after awhile. I'm very glad you're going to continue with this story, I've enjoyed reading it thus far and I'm sure I'll continue to enjoy the later sections as well.
8/8/2018 c6 ma cook
I'm impressed with the power of this piece-
to very naturally and comfortably send the reader
into the the characters' very likely future and allow us to
visit them in it. I hope this is your future as well...
or something much like it!
Kudos. Splendid read! (Thank you.)
8/5/2018 c6 3Lostinthought319
This chapter was really sweet. Tobey's thoughtfulness and concern about his and Becky's future is really endearing. Becky and Tobey's interactions with Mrs. McCalister were nice. The prompt was inspired. Becky's gentleness, patience, and understanding of Tobey's temperament and minding his ego is always sweet. I freaking loved his enthusiasm and interest in career paths that she was considering. The Time Capsule Bot was funny and cool. TJ's inclusion was hilarious and in-character. Reading Tobecky from you is a very heartening read. I loved the Bible verse at the end and I am excited to listen to the songs listed at the bottom. Also glad you explained why you picked the songs. Context is everything. I haven't read Saving Tobey but the tree reference still hit home and I'm glad you acknowledged the bittersweet reality of Tobey's devotion to Becky and her all-emcompassing role in his life. It makes their relationship all the more sweet but also concerning for his well-being if they ever separated. Which, considering the ending, is highly unlikely. Yay! Despite your lack of motivation, I think this came out well. I've been slacking on fics of my own so I can relate.
I say all this to say good work, thank you, and God Bless!
8/3/2018 c6 112Admiral T. DeVanto
This was really sweet, and I like how you get so in depth with your characters.
7/3/2018 c2 166Griselda Banks
"TJ said an insincere tone" - IN an insincere tone

Lol, you know it's family when bickering is a source of relief and "all is well," rather than "everything is falling apart and I hate you" XD

Speaking of family, I'm very happy with how involved you have the whole Botsford family in this relationship. Far too many people seem to think that their romantic entanglements have nothing to do with anyone else, when it actually affects the entire family. Tobey and Becky are both handling this very maturely - not only for their age, but also much more maturely than many people who are TWICE their age! (or three times *cough*Fitz*cough*) That's really encouraging to see.

I suppose it's partly a result of how maturely Tobey and Becky are treating their relationship, but it's...a weird mix of endearing, surprising, refreshing, and...just unusual, I guess, the way the rest of the family treat him. I mean, the way they're all acting almost feels more like Tobey and Becky just got engaged, rather than simply agreeing to go out. Now, don't get me wrong, I think that's a much better way of doing things than the way most people approach dating relationships - it's just kind of surprising to see in such young people. But I guess when you're superhero and ex-supervillain, and you've saved the world a handful of times, a casual dating relationship wouldn't cut it even when you're only halfway through your teens.

Don't mind me, I'm just having fun watching this adorable relationship play out :D
6/22/2018 c5 Guest
i think that hot air balloons don't fly that way, i think it moves around by changing altitude because wind in different heights are different
6/3/2018 c1 Griselda Banks
Well, it only took me about five months to start this fic x.x Let's just be happy I actually got through one chapter finally, huh? :P

"he could hardly be blamed for having not yet arrived" - I'm not sure it's technically incorrect, but to me that wording sounds awkward. I'd probably say "not yet having arrived" or "not having arrived yet".

"like beached whales resigned to their fate" - I think this is my favorite metaphor from this chapter :D

WARNING: Uber Grammar Nazi
"the Narrator seemed to have been wrest" - I believe it should be "to have been wrested". It's the perfect infinitive form, which is constructed from the infinitive "to have" and the past participle of "wrest," which is "wrested".
I wasn't able to find an example online of this exact construction, but I'm 95% sure this is right. It niggled my grammar sensibilities when I read it, and I HAD FUN RESEARCHING THIS OKAY DON'T LAUGH :C

"that that was why she'd fallen for him" - I think you meant "AND that"?

So...I'm a little skeptical that the primary dilemma of this chapter would even be an issue, because...I mean, can we really credit the general populace of this town with that much logic? XD If they couldn't figure out that Becky is WordGirl when WordGirl DOESN'T EVEN COVER HER FACE, is anyone really smart enough to realize that Tobey's relationship with Becky means that she's WordGirl? Ironically, the lack of logical coherence and brainpower among the characters of the show is making it harder for me to suspend my disbelief enough to accept that being smart and logical is necessary XD
But by the same token, because it's WordGirl, logic versus illogic doesn't really matter, so I'll let it slide. To enjoy WordGirl, you have to suspend your disbelief about almost everything anyway.

But this was a cute beginning! I wish more teenagers would be this careful and thoughtful and dedicated about their relationships...
4/16/2018 c1 Lana
I miss your updates :( Btw amazing job as always 3 I love your wordgirl fanfics.
3/18/2018 c5 ma cook
You may not have used the 'perfect words',
but the episode is 'just as is should be', in my opinion.
I like the fact that they did nothing besides take the ride.
Nothing then could interfere with the memory of it.
It was also a lovely development to witness how much more comfortable they were
with each other in their new relationship status.
Yes, the writing could be smoother, and the style could be more witty,
but I think you pulled-off another first-rate adventure in reading.
3/16/2018 c5 37Cyber Rogue
I loved this! So precious, and that is exactly how I want my dates to go! I love how you explained Becky's feelings for Tobey; it made perfect sense! The Narrator was great as was the Amazing Rope Guy! Poor dude really needs to give up a life of crime XD Thanks for mentioning me in the Author's Notes, and I am looking forward to more! Keep writing and God Bless!
3/15/2018 c5 35KimDWil71
Awesome chapter. Can't wait for more.
3/6/2018 c4 2HEB807
I really should have reviewed this sooner. This chapter was delightful, I'm even convinced that this word produced a better chapter than defenestration could have.
I liked how well thought out Tobey's conundrum was. I think that It's perfectly ok for a love interest to have interest in the superhero persona first, but like the chapter pointed out, the problem then becomes that the hero would really prefer to be loved for their civilian persona. This is the first situation like this that I have read where the conflict was well thought out by both parties and a real solution was able to be reached. I think that that is a testament to your writing talent.
Thank you for such a good chapter.
3/4/2018 c4 ma cook
This piece may be your best work yet-
or at least 'up there' with it.
I was touched and moved to tears through out.
By the end,
after reading all the notes and listening to the songs you prescribed,
I felt like a child who finally realized the effort and sacrifice her mommy put into her-
leading her, protecting and comforting her - wanting to spare her from ever knowing
any pain or loss- wanting only the best for her.
You do that , play mother, to each story you pour-out onto paper for us. I hope you realize
how much better our lives are because of it. Thank you for your sacrifice ... and love.
3/2/2018 c3 RavenishDove
“Ten billion dollars in property damage!” I died. This is exactly something I could see the villains doing. I loved the part where they gave him the coupon and magazine. And Becky getting upset when Victoria was “complimenting” Tobey made me chuckle. Turning a bit green there, Becky?
3/1/2018 c4 5Flintphone
That chapter was so beautiful and well thought out. Thank you for the read.
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