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1/17/2018 c1 2HEB807
This chapter seems to need a review...
I really liked the theme of this chapter, even if I was a little disappointed that it was a word that I already knew.
I hadn't even thought about their dating being an issue for secret identities, except that Tobey probably shouldn't be seen flying with Word Girl to often.
But everyone brought up some interesting problems to think about. I'm glad though that they chose to go with the simplest solution. As they were making up more complex solutions, especially the hospital one, all I could think about was how hard they would be to maintain. I mean, they would've had to take hospital records for goodness sake! I was so relived when everyone came to their senses.
As always I really enjoyed your inclusion of the Narrator, I feel as if he is one of the hardest characters to write convincingly in Word Girl.
I'm really exited to see where this ficlet story goes, and I'll defiantly throw in some more suggestion, as soon as I can think of some.
1/17/2018 c1 ma cook
I enjoyed and was challenged -needing to look-up no fewer than 5 words - this story. Also I didn't mind it's length. There was a 'script-like' feel because of it, I think. Now I wonder what Becky's letter would have said... Anyway, I wish you much inspiration and energy to take-on this project of yours. Two weeks will come much slower for it. If you haven't chosen a 'letter b theme' yet, I suggest the word 'bamboozled' for it. Glad to once again be reading your work!
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