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for Something About the Eyes

8/12/2020 c1 70Ariyah
They had a nice little moment until it was shattered by Edmund's stone-cold attitude. Now I want to see Digory play jacks with him, haha.

6/1/2019 c1 8Fastred of the North
This is a wonderful read. The comparison to the Queen of Charn at the very end is chilling!
1/20/2018 c1 Meldahlie
Ouch! Well written and splendidly in character. I wonder what would have happened if they had got to have that game of jacks...
1/20/2018 c1 68WillowDryad
This is very well done. Chilling at the last. I'm glad our Edmund becomes who he becomes. :)

1/18/2018 c1 Anonymus
you mean Her dont you. Excellent story. Too bad it was so short! Cheers!
1/18/2018 c1 Guest
great! theres not much good stories about the Professor or pre narnia Edmund
1/19/2018 c1 64Sophia the Scribe
Very good! There is not enough written out there from the Professor's perspective. Thanks for this bit of remedy for the problem!
Sophia the Scribe
1/18/2018 c1 17bexlynne
I love this! I’m so blown away by your writing, seriously. I love how perceptive Digory is about some things... little details he notices that everyone else tends to miss. This story was so brilliant!
1/18/2018 c1 17CooperGirlHH
I like it - very new and interesting perspective! Pity it was such a short little scene - I would have loved to read more

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