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3/16 c9 AllyCarterFan
Gurl, despite the torture of being teased of so little Zammie from you each week, unbelievably it is completely fine with me... Maybe it's only cuz we already had it from Cam's POV so I'm just trying to be patient, and not let my heart explode from the wait. Cuz, I am always anxious to read your new updates each week.
I'm just so glad to hear that you make sure to edit the story till it's what u see best. It makes the story all the much better! :)
Sadly, we all have to work someday, and be consumed with it. I just came home right now, personally, so it's always excited to come home and see a chapter from you guys. (even if it's to reread...)
I will definitely stick around till the end! This won't be the last of me!
3/11 c9 Hersheylife
Hey, yes I did really love this story. It is so amazing. Please update soon I don’t know how much longer I will be able to wait. I’m so excited for the next chapter. Thanks!
aww thankyou for the shoutout! I adored this chapter, it was so cute to see Zach's reaction to how she talks and dresses. I'm really enjoying his pov. Can't wait for the update! Now I'm gonna go back to don't judge a girl by her cover because I'm rereading the Gallagher series, it's so good!
3/12 c9 15CammieAMorgan
This is so good! I love knowing exactly what Zach is feeling especially since I know what's to come
3/12 c9 Alecks454
I love this story. I need more
Are you going to update soon? :)
Update! I need to know the next chapter
3/10 c9 4EverAGallagherGirl
I love how we get a bit more from Zach in this chapter! I can't wait to see what he thinks when Cammie gets a bit too drunk and fights at the bar! Super excited!(:
Ahhh Zach whyyyyyy! This is so cute he’s denying his feelings. I can’t wait for an update
3/2 c8 Guest
Update !
3/1 c8 Hersheylife
Hey, this was such a good chapter. I love hearing it from the boys side. Please update soon, I don’t think I could wait too long for it!
2/28 c8 AllyCarterFan
I swear, I'm dying everytime we get this one chapter each week, just killing my insides to goo, and looking like a doofus smiling after getting to the end. Only to be crushed, that the chapter is finished so quickly. This. IS. Torture.
But, such sweet torture.
So. Many. Conflicted. Feelings!
2/21 c7 Hersheylife
Omg, this is sooooooooo good. I love it!
2/21 c7 Prianka
2/21 c7 Ocean
Perfection. Just perfection.
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