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for Adrien and the Locked Car

9/11/2019 c1 The Thinker
Oh god all your stories are great.
11/9/2018 c1 8Lilith Jae
I'm not sure about other countries or brands but only the driver side has a hole for the key in my mum's car. Or at least I've never noticed before. I figured most cars had both front door with keyholes though, so reading Adrien do that was heck funny
8/17/2018 c1 47marauderluverz
very enjoyable! great story!
5/18/2018 c1 Dwarrior
LOL Brilliant... I love these based on true events stories you do, it sounds like your family are characters... Keep up the awesomeness...
4/16/2018 c1 22leafgreenflower
Ha! This is a fun moment.
2/26/2018 c1 2spinnerofdark
: )
1/31/2018 c1 Animallover
Oh, that was good! I was thinking when he started looking for another lock on the car that the passenger door should have one, and I was wondering why he didn't just check that door first but now I understand that he didn't even know about that sort of thing.
1/26/2018 c1 38imagination-running
I love how actual life stories from your family inspire your fics. Great job! Thanks for posting!
1/21/2018 c1 11FicsFromAnAnbuNin
This was hilarious and awesome.
1/17/2018 c1 Guest
At the ending I laughed so hard.
1/18/2018 c1 13TeamSophie909
Once again, You've got me laughing my butt off. Great job! I'm super excited to see what you come up with next!

1/18/2018 c1 3Alexandra Elf
I think this has happened to almost every family.
Love it.
1/17/2018 c1 510yellow 14
I love it when you use stories from your real life in the Miraculous universe. Very funny, keep writing
1/17/2018 c1 1Ashlielle
XD that ending though lmaooo XD and lolol this has sort of happened with our house before! My dad forgot his keys so we managed to open a small window and I was barely able to climb through (I was really tiny back then) and unlock the door... only for my mom to realize she had her keys in her purse the entire time x'D
Not exactly the same thing but similar.
This was really cute! Tysm! :)
1/17/2018 c1 1ButterBlythe
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