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5/8 c5 Princess Liu Hnh
What does it mean to be insane?

To behave abnormally.
For example,

jumping from the roof thinking you can fly.

Murder bc the gains notthe loss. You would be immediately caught and possibly lose money, family etc. I

But in a comic book, both can be considered normal. Flying (possible), getting away with murder (possible). what if we remove the law. Remove family, money etc.
just 2 men in an empty plane.
5/8 c5 Princess Liu Hnh
Ummm that was interesting? ...
5/2 c3 The Lord Bread
Me on legendary skyrim enjoying the music*

0ne angry puppy:
4/29 c21 ivanganev1992
First I would say that The Butler was
Evolved Zombie RAT DEMONLORD . Summoned back to butler or something .

Second What WAINE DID OR DID NOT DO . IT was kind of Vengeful to get Wayne corp in the dust or joined in bigger aspiring giant Corporation.

What is next ?

If it was not sector by sector would be easier . What about vilian regmhabilitation ?

The impossible cases maybe just maybe us elimination .

I was shocked why some were eliminated and while technicaly evil not eliminating may create more adaptive worse strain of bandit .

What is next
4/27 c21 Immy
I love this story but the MC is to emotionally unstable for my liking hope he develops man.
4/22 c1 suryafirdaus2134
Lanjut kan kerja kerasmu kau hebat
4/17 c1 Guest
Author Wearbear story The Immortal is nearly basically nearly word for word except for the gamer portions.
4/18 c21 1John Lasko
Just want to let you know that I’m a fan of this story!

I might buy your book, it seemed interesting!
4/15 c1 Zsombi
You made the MC an idiot with super double standards. Your summary told of seriousness but all I see is stupidity.
4/13 c12 Mystery889
Injustice but instead of metropolis it’s Gotham
4/11 c1 selin32227
don't read this, it's really fucking stupid
4/10 c10 7uflesh940
Oh, in that case, please don't update this story
4/6 c2 crunchyleavesfall
I hope the MC stops with the "Women are all victims" nonsense.

In the last chapter he was angry at the men paying his mom for her services instead of being upset his mom mad ebad choices.

In this chapter he worries for the "Innocent women" the crime family has within it instead of the "Innocent people".

In this same chapter we find out that he lives amongst pedophiles and just kinda glosses over it with an "Oh well" attitude. He's a very young child that hasn't even remotely hit puberty yet and they are having him perform oral and fingering on them. Disgusting.
4/6 c1 crunchyleavesfall
Why is he angry at the men at the strip club? Why does it matter if they are "Disgustingly older"? She's an adult. She made her own choices in life and those men are not to blame, if anything they should be thanked. They are giving her money for her services and are customers. If they were not around, she would be dead and that baby would not have even been born. The MC should be thanking those guys. I know it's trendy to hate on men and to make women out to be these perfect creatures that are victims that can't do wrong, but at what point will women be held accountable for their own actions? If I saw a guy dancing for money and shaking his ass, id think the same.
4/3 c6 Zera Of The Damned
I will be honest, I recognize this as very... Twisted in a sense. That doesn't take away from it's entertainment value, and I appreciate the rather morbid humor, (I think I might be repressing something there), and I enjoy it.

Thanks for creating it.
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