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5/24 c6 Gilgamesh50
Im gonna leave it to a childs dreambcz come on man a generic villian goals?
5/24 c21 cassnova5424
i hope I get to see more of this someday, hope life is going as well as it can for you and thanks for your work. I could probably be a blue lantern with how much I hope for those 2 things. Holy(probably unholy) shit that was good, I'm most definitely buying your book.
5/24 c20 cassnova5424
everybody needs a nezumi
5/24 c19 cassnova5424
weird as fuck and makes perfect sense all at the same time, so ima just roll with it.
5/24 c18 cassnova5424
I always love it when someone gives a middle finger to time and space
5/23 c15 cassnova5424
oh shit hes fucked
5/15 c6 LancealotRM
Bro… plot twist from left fucking field had me in the feels like nothing else
5/8 c21 Guest
I think even though this has been left on a cliffhanger or gone on a hiatus and possibly will not be written anymore it was an honour to be able to read this the experience it as i was doing it myself to writing to the delivery it was simply as perfect as it could be the only thing which was not is the fact that one day our character pops in to existence and suddenly gets attached to his whore of a mother who left him to fend for himself if in this story character did not have the system and the wits of a 21 year old man he would be DEAD even going as far as to pay for her rent? I think this was just to build up to the eventual realization that his "mother" never loved him nor will that ever happen she is a hooker and our her entire existence was to be a good incubator for the MC and it was just.. forced. No One i mean No One in their right mind would feel attached or attracted to a person like that especially one with the mind of a 21 year old aside from that great
5/6 c21 Kazuro10
Omg, your story is good, very good. I love that you don't care about the cries of those haterers who want to force you to write this fanfic differently. I love that not everything is from the main character's perspective, but other characters' perspectives are also presented. I've always missed that in fanfic.
4/30 c21 SaggyBalls
I've enjoyed this so far... and have also been disappointed. I keep expecting big nasty things to happen and... nothing really does. Don't get me wrong, there's been some bad things that had happened (like killing the criminals and offing the Joker with no fanfare or showing him still around)... but, there just seems to be a lack of... I don't know... consequences? Impacts?
What's going on is making some changes, and yet, it's not really showing anything. Cleaner streets, yes. Less crime, yes. Where are the villains that weren't caught and put back in Arkham (or not there to escape earlier or were already at large)? What's happening with all of the JL fighting the Spectre? Where are the conflicts and consequences of that? Is he killing heroes that attack him?
Why is Zatanna blind and mute? It's been days now and no one has checked on her or anything? What about the assassins? Why did they never show up or attack? Why isn't Zach worried about all his properties and territories being pilfered by criminals? Why isn't he getting any notifications about it? Or quests?
4/30 c3 SaggyBalls
So, what happened? Did he dissolve her or harvest her? What else did he do in the woman's apartment? I f**king hate it when authors leave IMPORTANT questions unanswered! I also hate it when they warn that something is going to happen... and then completely ignore it and never deliver. What was the f**king point of warning us? (shakes head in disappointment)
4/28 c21 BobsBurger
I read this two times and i still want more
I've read every book of yours and still want more
Why a you so f*cking good at writing my guy
but boy oh boy
last update for any of your story was the 13th of April 2021
i dont know if that is normal i only started reading you books some months ago
i just hope your not dead and that your family drama comes to a close
4/24 c9 1Surfing cipher
off all the perverts across the multiverse like rishi , jiraya and Sanji have never been proud stealing panty is love and life
4/24 c7 Surfing cipher
ah perry the potted plant you've ruined my plans again ! darn
4/24 c4 Surfing cipher
sure I believe u not insane
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