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11h c16 worom001
Get a skateboard Zack
9/17 c20 Frescko
There needs to be more
9/17 c9 1NineOrchid
I'm glad he's not 100% evil. I thought he would've raped Bat-girl.
9/17 c4 worom001
Why would you do that? It said you unlocked dimension magic at level 50. You're just barely a year old and already level 5. You could have just left the options hanging until you were a high enough level.
9/17 c20 Pishascha
Thanks for fueling my nihilism you... I got nothing. Still excited for your next update whenever you get the tingly sensation to keep writing.
9/17 c20 Otherion
Just finishing reading the last chapter, wow, just wow, this fic is amazing, I am im love with this, also, very interested in reading your book because I also love Overlord and Kumo desu-ga, when I can, I buy it. Thaks for write this!
9/16 c6 NineOrchid
You want to dominate Wonder Woman? I think we can relate xd
9/16 c8 Pishascha
Not even upset this is the story I decided to binge read at 1am Monday morning before work.
9/16 c9 Otherion
it's fucking official, I love you
9/15 c1 Otherion
Ok, I don't know if this is gonna be as good as the Prologue, but if it is, then I gonna enjoy this like you can't ever imagine
9/15 c19 zeek17
Nice. I hope nothing happens to fuck this up.
9/15 c20 Ghst Zer
Best butler ever Alfred need to step his game up
9/14 c15 zeek17
Oh, right. Her.
Wanted to mention this back then, when there was choice what magic Zack should've chose, but forgot.
Zatanna's backward-magic thing is not different magic system, it's just mnemonic technique that helps concentrating on doing magic. Kinda like Aria from Nasuverse - mages there use it for self-hypnotize, to enter mindset necessary to perform magecraft. Zattana does just that.
9/14 c14 zeek17
Honestly - you expect us to care about Hitler's dog? Up until now I didn't even knew he had one.
9/14 c12 zeek17
GCPD - should be GPD, 'city' does not have letter here.
NYPD - New York(-city?) Police Department,
RPD - Racoon-city Police Department,
GPD - Gotham-city Police Department.
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