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5/27 c21 Tony McNucklz
Dropping her on themisciera seems like it would take to long. zach would find out and interrupt. I'm betting Nezumi resurrected his own means of creation, and dropped her in a Dungeon that consists of the amazon homeland. a few hours in the Dungeon while Master Zach is busy, and she springs forth hella trained up. baboom. perhaps he means for her to beat the Dungeon Wonder Woman, as destroying the real one could have impedious consequences to his Master plans?
I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens next.
5/23 c18 Guest
Ik being an atheist in a religious country or place us dangerous and annoying but that's why a friend of mine (atheist) went to Sweden that's the most atheist accepting country since It has lots of atheists to
5/24 c11 1JKingSniper
I mean this is realistic
DC power level is BS
5/24 c18 2Everett Everfree
I'm loving this story so far! I also went and checked out tour book. I'm currently hooked. :)
Thank you for all your awesome work. It's made my day so much better!
5/22 c21 Sir Proto Arthur
Great story, just wishing to have a more stable update if ever. Btw great fan fic love it. Thanks
5/11 c21 2Dzarsos
I've always been a bit surprised at the sheer entitlement of people who have never written anything blasting other people's writing for not matching up to what they want, particularly on a site like this where the writing is provided for free.

I appreciate that you keep surprising me with the directions in which you take this, and I look forward to seeing what comes next when your muse strikes again. Thank you for a really interesting story!
5/9 c3 2RoundLake
Lol this story isn't dark, it's a completely unrealistic made up shit. The writer can't even write believable interactions, let alone a plot. Absurdity of the characters makes me want to bash my head against the wall. You want to write a dark fiction? Here is an advice. Don't make demons fall into hell, let them fall in heaven.
5/6 c21 ChiDead
Dang this is really good. Only wish there is more
5/3 c6 Anonymous
Good story
5/3 c21 Guest
Hope you make more chapters I can relate to the mc a lot at least as a normal human and wanna see more of him at
5/4 c20 sloksingh45
Please update soon
5/4 c21 sloksingh45
Please update
5/4 c1 sloksingh45
I like it please continue
4/27 c1 Guest
Lovely five and when he said he could do it in a weak all I just thought we're billionaires saying "For years!? Who do you think I am? I get that much every week"
4/28 c14 Ashutosh
Hydrofluoric acid is really weak it is the weakest of halogen acids the strongest is hydrogen iodode
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