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for Legacy of Jarik Shan V2: The Clone Wars

5/4 c78 Guest
Yeah well I guess for the sake of things they decided to change things up for the first episode
5/4 c76 Jimmy K.I. 7
Did you watch Bad Batch short clips Caleb (Kanan) and his master situation is different between comic.
Caleb Dume and Depa Billaba were attacked during the night. And I don't see Commander Grey & Captain Style, they were supposed to wear red-white color armor?
5/4 c78 Guest
I doubt the Bad Batch found Jarik since he went into hiding to help Senator Organa and Mon Mothma build the Rebel Alliance to hold the Empire off long enough until Luke is ready to finish what his father started as well search for Ahsoka
5/4 c78 Guest
It is unknown what happened to Korkie’s friends but he himself must have died since Bo-Kayan said she herself was the last of her family
5/3 c53 Jimmy K.I. 7
Where's Satine's nephew, Korkie Kryze and his friends?
Will Jarik and Ahsoka able to meet them in the future?
5/3 c61 Jimmy K.I. 7
Did anyone heard the news Caleb Dume could possibly show up on The Bad Batch series or not?
If it is, then too bad for Jarik, can't be shown on that series, then...
5/3 c78 Guest
It’s possible but I guess like his dad she probably decided to see how Jarik is by who he chooses to become because parents leave behind their legacies not their destinies
5/2 c10 Jimmy K.I. 7
Does Duchess Satine knows Jarik is descendant of Revan?
Her sister Bo Katan, Melek, and Death Watch knew him well, so Satine would know, right?
4/29 c78 Guest
I wonder if Ahsoka and Jarik would have considered staying out of the fight with Anakin on Mustafar
4/29 c78 Shani-Fan
It is time, that Mighty Jarik Shan is going to show up on The Bad Batch & Boba Fett vs Cad Bane, and other Deleted Scenes of the Clone Wars during the Lost One!
4/28 c78 Guest
I wonder if Ahsoka was at Polis Massa she would’ve wanted to take Luke, R2, and C-3PO with Jarik into hiding
4/27 c77 Jimmy K.I. 7
I can't wait to watch The Bad Batch series.
Are there any more series we never heard or hasn't shown up like Thrawn encountered Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars?
4/27 c78 Guest
Well battle droids are expensive so it must have cost them a fortune to make Grievous into a cyborg
4/26 c78 Jimmy K.I. 7
I have a curious question.
Why Separatist didn't make more General Grievous?
4/15 c78 Guest
I wonder if Ahsoka met Sabine when she was still a baby
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