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4/30/2020 c3 Omar Garcia Jr
Being a waterbender isn't easy. At least Korra made it look easy. I've never even watched The Legend of Korra, or remember most of the episodes of Avatar.
4/30/2020 c2 Omar Garcia Jr
Man, I'm glad people won't eat merpeople. The Mers in the Primeval series were actually part seal/part ape. Unlike their half man/ half fish counterparts in Myth. They even had their own songs, like a whale song.
4/30/2020 c1 Omar Garcia Jr
Angela is lucky, there's not that many Dimensional Travelers in my world.
10/25/2019 c13 Disneyheart31
Im so excited cant wait to see how it goes ps try not to kill syndrome however i cant to see what happens #AWpixar
10/23/2019 c13 MywonderfulWorld
OMG! I love this so much! I gotta read all your other stories! XD PM me please! #AWPixar!
10/21/2019 c13 Chau Lok Yiu Sebrina
Nice sneak peek in this chapter,I can't wait to see what's next! #AWPixar
12/15/2018 c12 6Karebear49
This was really cute
11/13/2018 c12 Guest
Happy anniversary. I can't wait to read the sequel to Hidden Hero and I can't wait to see Mira's life with her new family goes in the story. I hope she's very happy.
9/9/2018 c6 Omar Garcia Jr
The way that Riptide was disguising himself in a black cloak in a hologram was almost like Emperor Palpatine trust me the dark lord of the Galactic Empire he's just as dangerous as Darth Vader
6/21/2018 c11 18DisneyFan2002
You’re back! Good chapter! :)
4/28/2018 c10 DaveTheAssassin
The previous review is meant for Chapter 10, so screw the app.
4/28/2018 c8 DaveTheAssassin
Wow, that's a surprise! On the other hand, I was a bit thrown off because the new girl's name is Aaliyah, because even though I wasn't even born yet when she was big, I heard about her success after her tragic death in a plane crash. I hope that's not a bad thing, tbh. Still a nice one though! (thumbs up)
4/25/2018 c10 DisneyFan2002
Yay! Amazing chapter! :) Thank you so much for letting me be in this! :3
4/10/2018 c9 MywonderfulWorld
Awwww! Sad with a happy ending! My favorite! :)
3/26/2018 c8 MywonderfulWorld
Wait... When you said Luxo... did you mean Jr or Sr? I know i might be being too technical! XD Great story so far! Loved Welcome to Atlantis.
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