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for heart of a strawhat soul of a pocketmonster

9/20/2019 c1 5angel61991
You should really use "quotes" for speaking ,comas, for thoughts really doesn't work because then someone will think it's just a beak in the sentence. Use something like *asterisks* since you are using -these- for pokemon speech.

Okay here's some help with this: So here I was on a mountain that looked like MT cornet in the sinnoh region yes I'm a Pokemon otaku fan I love Pokemon my favorite being charizard. so I'm just wandering {wondering} what I'm doing here and thats {apostrophe needed} when I see it (You don't need the it here) a brilliant light and when it does down {dies down} the {there} stands a being. ( you all know him you Pokemon fans a/n) Arceus! {"Arceus!" without the quotes its really hard to tell someone's talking} I said in awe. careful young one you'll catch butterfree with mouth open he said . {"Careful young one or you will catch butterfree with your mouth open." He said.} I quickly closed my mouth and shook my {head} in disbelief. your real i can't believe it. {"You're real I can't believe it.} well believe it young one {"Well believe it young one."}

Sorry just trying to help.
4/7/2018 c1 7bulk Locke the the grim head
thanks for the advice chapter 2 coming soon and I'm make sure it's good
3/28/2018 c1 4blackbombay
Hey you made some mistakes but other then that, it is fine. Just read the whole thing over before you post it. ( I made the same mistake last time and I was so embarrassed )

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