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5/13 c68 Rowan Mikaio
Wow. Not much to say but I was entranced for days.

Thank you
5/1 c68 yello
this was amazing
4/21 c68 Hitsugana
Damn what a story! Usually I read crappy romances, much to my own embarrassment, but I apprehensively decided to give this a read and simply couldn't put it down. What a journey for beginning to end! The world building was excellent and the characters were very well done. In some ways a wish we would gotten a bit more of background on some things. Such as, what exactly was Harry's past to shape him in such a way? Did the Nazi's essentially win in the past? What happened past the final chapter and epilouge? However i think it should be stated that the questions do not detract from the story in any way and non-essential to the plot as a whole. If anything, the fact that the story promotes such questions is testament to its quality. For anyone on the edge on deciding to read go for it! Thank you for writing!
3/24 c68 Guest
What a fantastic work of writing! Your world building, character building, action scenes, even the way you uniquely used the plot points from canon in a way I've never seen used before is truly astounding. I loved every piece of it! The fact that it's a complete fic too means it's truly one of my top fanfics of all time. Well done!
2/9 c68 DerekB74
This is not only getting added to my favorites list but also my top 5 all time. What a ride. Freaking loved it. Wished he could have taken Fleur with him but other than that I loved all of it.
1/28 c4 HpPotterstan
Uhhhh why is Harry so placid here? Like why is he just going along with everything Tom says? Especially after everything he’s been through? Like he could easily just say screw you and like leave? Tf? He doesn’t need to stay in wizarding britain.
1/27 c7 Limalimon16
Comentarii para el capitulo siete: Riddle sigue siendo Riddle aunque no sea un loco empeñado en destruir todo y lo demuestra al final del capítulo cuando revela que los ojos rojos en Harry son una artimaña de su creación
1/1 c68 Michaelkoc1
This story was absolutely bonkers. The world building at the beginning was fantastic, really draws you in. The plot gets a little too chaotic for me but worth a read
1/1 c25 Michaelkoc1
Lol what?
Riddle is dead, his supporters were captured or killed or whatever and Harry was captured as well. Why is the story continuing? Its over, Grindelwald won..
The quality of the writing in this story is excellent, well above average for fanfics but good lord the plot holes in this European arc are gaping and many.
Harry is only as strong or as weak as the author needs him to be at that particular moment for the plot and its very immersion breaking..
Im going to keep reading because of how good the quality of the writing is generally but i just had to comment on these plot holes over the last few chapters, particularly this chapter. So jarring.
Really feels like more time should have been taken to think this all through and make it smoother and more believable but i really am enjoying it for the most part, very unique direction for a fanfic
12/17/2023 c68 Redherringbones
What a feat to complete this story. I'm extremely thankful to see an ending, particularly this ending. So many cool action scenes.

Wonder what alternate Riddle and Harry will do afterwards when they've found their peace? For Riddle, probably travel the world and research esoteric magic. For Harry...maybe they'll try to find the gargoyles of his world?
12/9/2023 c68 Darkanaklusmos70
11/16/2023 c68 1namisnakama
Thank you for this story! It was an amazing read, and the most fun battle scenes I've read in a while!
10/15/2023 c68 Varicas
Holy hell, that was a fun story. Nice work!
10/11/2023 c68 1Jimbocous
Thanks for a really great read! Very nicely done. I hope you find your way back to a sequel at some point.
10/1/2023 c68 Marshmallowmann
Damn what a ride. I'll check out your other stories too if you have some.
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