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for very gud story (rated e for everyone and explicit)

7/30/2018 c3 1httrachta
This shit was hilarious.
6/24/2018 c1 55Wildebunny the Eternal
It's sad that I know which Zootopia story inspired this. Shakes head.
3/21/2018 c3 The true master
Are you fucking 3 years old like man WTF is the deal with the spellings. I get it that it's a parody but seriously how can you misspell the characters name and btw eragon should possess a dick not a goddamn tree. Like 36 inch really? Ever Google man with largest dick ever? It's 19 inches and arya put 36 inches of dick in her mouth and inside her how the fuck is she not dead.
3/14/2018 c3 4ph0tocynthesis
i am at the edge of my seat! what could happen next?
3/14/2018 c2 ph0tocynthesis
“benis” and “pebis” were the first things to make me laugh all week.
thanks for posting and saving me from my finals. :D
2/16/2018 c2 1Haldir639
"nothing personnel" made me kek.

I did not expect this to be as funny as it was
1/27/2018 c1 Zekrom1010101010
...Which AO3 fic?
1/26/2018 c1 wow
This story was moving, erotic, and completely in character. I cried at the tragic ending. Thank you for sharing your brilliant work!

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