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4/27/2023 c2 Fancatdog
So freaking cute please can you do you want about their first kiss
4/1/2019 c1 2Hannah Melissa
This was so freaking good! You portrayed them both very much in character, I think, which is sometimes hard to come by in fanfiction stories. And goodness, Eugene wanting to let his Blondie win simply to make her happy just melted me from the inside-out.
10/14/2018 c2 Guest
These are really cute! Would love one set in their time, if you do that? Like a little attachment from the series or something?
2/11/2018 c2 Scrumptii
Here's a suggestion! Rapunzel and (random girl) at a coffee shop (they work there) and Eugene comes to the coffee shop and the two girls try to land a date on him and whoever loses closes up shop VERY late and ideas like writing their number on the cups or flirting with him at the cashier I've had this idea for a long time but I'm not a good writer so I hoped you could use the idea? Maybe? No? If you do end up using it you can just give me a shoutout (I highly doubt it tho) XD
2/11/2018 c2 20Jesytypes
please more and moreee
2/11/2018 c2 Fancatdog
ooo how about they have twins and are trying to get them to learn how to walk or talk
1/28/2018 c1 25Roaming Writer
Great story! Haven’t had time to read many fanfics, but I’m glad I read this one!

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