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for Misadventures of a broken Sword

8/21/2023 c11 ManticoreBlues
I'm quite enjoying this fanfic so far and look forward to reading more in the future<3
7/22/2022 c7 PSYCongroo
As I feared, in the end this Shirou isn't any different from other fics, though I don't understand why Sona and Rias are so obsessed with Shirou.
Also, Shirou has a horrible habit of telling all his secrets to some Devils he just met recently.
(And although I haven't read the last few chapters, I have read the comments and it seems Shirou is going to release Excalibur, which is impossible even for CG EMIYA)
The fic isn't horrible or anything, it's just that the things that annoy me build up until they're hard to bear.
7/22/2022 c1 PSYCongroo
Very good characterization of Shirou, many of the authors put him as if he were the second coming of Jesus Christ, and that he can forgive all the sins of the bad guys.
Instead yours wanted to kill Mittel since this probably wasn't the first time he attacked innocents, only the need for information saved her.
Well, maybe it's too early to say this, I'll have to read more chapters.
7/13/2022 c11 kevinthegoat0304
It’s was an ok story. Had many things that made no sense, shirou doesn’t know how to keep secrets especially ones that could make you a huge target, he apparently decides to trust devils immediately, he also can’t access his reality marble even though there is an abundance of mana in the air not like his old world where the amount of mana in the air is laughable, but I somewhat enjoyed it. 7/10
7/13/2022 c8 kevinthegoat0304
Again revealing his secret to people that don’t need to know is getting annoying to read
7/13/2022 c7 kevinthegoat0304
Why are they so interested in shirou? Yea he’ll make a good peerage member but that doesn’t mean they have to interrogate him and probe around to find all his secrets
7/13/2022 c7 kevinthegoat0304
There is so much mana in the air the tracing weapons would theoretically be incredibly easier. I don’t know why you think he will be tired from only tracing gae bolg. Remember that dxd is still in the age of gods. The mana is in the air is ridiculous.
7/13/2022 c5 kevinthegoat0304
At this point he might as well be a damn peerage member by the way sona is bossing him around
7/13/2022 c5 kevinthegoat0304
So is he just going to expose all his secrets?
6/15/2022 c11 Guest
espero con ansias la actualización
5/17/2022 c11 Ookami Youma
i'm glad you are back! Keep up the good writing!
4/21/2022 c2 1Junky
You say you were annoyed by how people write Shirou ... and then turn around and make a Shirou that immediately reveals his ridiculous magecraft to Azazel, who is a supernatural heavyweight with unknown intentions. One he knows to be a Fallen Angel and commander of the one intending to kill him. Rin must be a shit teacher.
3/14/2022 c10 Lancergashiinda
Eh? there was no way Shirou could projecting excalibur, more over, Shirou here just finished the holy grail war. Archer would even use UBW and sacrifice his life to do that. instead of projecting Excalibur it might even be more possible if he just used UBW
3/14/2022 c1 Lancergashiinda
This should be after the UBW route right? why did he suddenly blame Zelretch? Shirou shouldn't know him or have ever met him
3/12/2022 c11 7Paxloria
Thinking about it, I doesn't make ANY kind of sense for some version of Mordred to randomly show up when she did and:
1). Challenge Shirou to a duel
2). Know that he even HAD Excaliber
3). Stop dueling with him and standby to LET him use it in a fight against someone else.
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