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for Misadventures of a broken Sword

3/11/2022 c11 BreatherOfInsanity2
I enjoyed the chapter. Thanks for updating this!
3/11/2022 c8 2WitnessofFate
Carnwen would be very useful right now lol
3/11/2022 c8 WitnessofFate
I thought he got the skills of the previous wielder(s) when he traced a weapon as a result of the way UBW works? I definitely understand him needing his own style or having to physically mimic the stances for archers bow and the married blades having his own style but I’m just a little confused how he’s not used to using a spear because he should technically have access to Cú’s skills
3/10/2022 c11 1NNathann
Beautiful story! Love it and I’m glad you updated again! I love your interpretation of Shirou and the dxd cast! If you decide to continue doing updates I’ll definitely read them!
3/10/2022 c11 tank2u1wood
I enjoy this story keep up the good work
3/10/2022 c9 Alexander Lawliet
The worst part is Hades didn't even leabbly kidknap Persephone. In the original myth he asked zeus for permision to court Persephone and Zeus said he didn't have any problem with it. So he took Persephone to the underlw to court her. Zeunders the shithead that he is didgeag ask Demeter if she was ok with it. And Persephone actually didlove Hadep and they have an actually functional couple. The only time he ever actually got properly angry is when this guy came down to the underlw and told Hades that he was going to take Persephone from Hades to be his wife and he didn't care what Hades thought about it.
3/10/2022 c11 12Slim A Lou Prime
Alright alright alright alright. Now we are getting somewhere!
3/10/2022 c5 Gilgamesh50
Why should shirou work for them?
Forget about him being selfless but
Why would anyone do it for them?
Even if its their territory
3/9/2022 c11 sawtooth44
its been long enough i dont quite remember everything that has happened also i swear you did another HSDxD and Fate crossover
3/9/2022 c11 9Gaim no Kaze
Glad you're back, I love this story. Really do hope to see more of this soon. On a side note, will Shirou get to use other Noble Phantasms aside from the ones from Stay Night?
3/9/2022 c11 xehsous2
Good story, I couldn't stop reading till I finished the last chapter, I like how you portrayed Shirou, people seems to forget that Shirou is broken as a human being in other fics, even when he give up his Ideal he still remain broken.
3/9/2022 c11 HeDzuRo
review so far: It's kinda good? it's not bad-bad it's good as is "good". This story kinda take old idea into direction that I surprisingly enjoy.

although I still said it's kinda good cuz it feels lacking something... anyways it's enjoyable read, albeit a short ones
3/9/2022 c11 javi30
Very good
3/9/2022 c11 guillermocejas767
It's good to have you back and don't worry, take your time
3/9/2022 c11 6Ochsee
I am glad this story continues. I really like this story and am looking forward to what you will do with the story. I especially wonder what you will do with Mordred and how she is in the DxD universe (for I suspect that it is Fate Mordred) and how she knows of Shirou and his connection to Saber.

I look forward to the next chapter and wish you a good day.
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