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for Misadventures of a broken Sword

3/9/2022 c11 Greyfox2
Glad to see you back, burnout can be a right pain. Thanks for the chapter.
3/8/2022 c11 Uday Sra
Awesome. Please update soon
3/8/2022 c11 10PsylentFox
Great chapter! :) Now I'm going to have to go back to the beginning and re-read everything becuase when you've read almost every decent FSN/DxD story with Emiya Shirou in it well... it all blends together. lol

I feel ya, just stay consistent, try to get back on the horse, I haven't posted to FF in a while, but I've been using questionable questing a lot and I feel that its always best if you try to create some momentum and then keep it going while making sure to chill every once in a while. :)
3/8/2022 c11 Star
A good filler chapter...gr8 to have u back
3/8/2022 c11 Guest-Questioner

So does this mean, you are likely to ABANDON the story?

Because that is the ONE crucial thing, your follower's do NOT want,
even if we have to wait YEAR'S for, an update, ABANDONING this,
i the ONE THING, we do not want you to go through with...PLEASE?!
3/8/2022 c11 keybladelight
I'm glad that you have return to continue this story but I also like that you haveade shirou use her lover artoria Excalibur to koabiel and to show the to all the DxD characters the true sword of is world king of knights Arthur Pendragon I hope that your shirou has still some of fate route that love saber I mean he did call her sword and shirou is the sheath of avalon so I hope shirou use avalon.

I have read your previous chapter and I see that mordred has appear and call shirou EMIYA which mean mordred has meet her step mom shirou I hope mama shirou cook for her daughter since her wife king of knights is not there so I hope shirou take now learning parenthood so that mordred get a real mother that accepts her not has a tool but has a person not like her father artoria.

So Xenovia has become like a squire to shirou alongside with mittelt I just hope that she join the harem of shirou since I see that she now staring to get some love feeling to him hope she act like a tsundere when shirou is around. I hope Kuroka, Gabriel and Serafall meet shirou and become part of is harem and I hope shirou reveal is past of why he can use Excalibur and maybe he reveal a little bit of fate route that he love artoria pendragon her saber when the angels, fallen angels and devils appear in the peace treaty conference.

I hope the descendants of king Arthur DxD Arthur pendragon and le fay pendragon meet emiya shirou to ask them what is the relationship he had with the king of knights.

I hope you can respond to PM to my questions.
3/8/2022 c11 isoulmani
The king has returned. Or it was just a random knight. Jokes aside this was a great return to form. Here’s to many more to come. The year is young and we all could use a quality crossover.
3/8/2022 c11 TroxX101
I loved this story and hope updates become much more frequent!
3/8/2022 c11 3coronadomontes
3/8/2022 c11 Shashenka
Thanks for another great chapter! I really, really enjoyed it!
3/8/2022 c11 S33R
Azazel the answer is yes, and the number is also yes.
3/8/2022 c11 HungrySnack
Glad you didn't die of Covid
3/8/2022 c11 Shadowuser0112
No complaints about the chapter, it was very good.
3/8/2022 c11 1Prodigal Priest
Irregardless, thank you for the hard work. God Bless.
3/8/2022 c10 Nikkless
anticlimatic and why andd the new character which seened to be mordred
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