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for False safety

2/20/2018 c1 Tbbtshennyfan
One more vote for continuing the store. Does not have to be a Shenny story but really who else would be better to help a damsel in distress.
1/31/2018 c1 1Rhgrizzlies42
Please continue it is a great story
1/22/2018 c1 77Loafer
I vote for continuing.

Plus, bonus points for your first A/N: you're absolutely right: if a story is not identified as either pairing but Sheldon and Penny actually - gasp! - *talk* to each other (OMG!), then how dare you! It must be a Shenny! Horrors! Trials and tribulations galore!


(Of course, even if it IS identified as Shenny, they still leave nastygrams. Double-yeesh.)

Carry on!

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