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for Fist of the Hero God

2/2/2018 c1 3OmniIBIBUltraInstinctGodzilla
Oh yeah Saitama! Didn't expect Boros to be resurrected and recruited as a Universe 6 warrior against Universe 7. Wonder how the U7 group will react to Saitama when he's in action.
2/2/2018 c2 1000people
Just found your story and I'd like to say it's a nice idea, however, you're grammar is a little off. It's not too bad, but it is noticeable, so I suggest you find a beta to look over it. Other then that hope to see more of the story.
2/1/2018 c2 Strong-bot
so will black sperm be in the tournament?

anyways great chapter. Good to see a decent story get a second chapter, so many single chapter stories that just blue ball the chance of a great story happening... only to have it never be updated.
2/1/2018 c2 6Lightningblade49
The meeting went how I thought lol, that was great so he's bringing his pets along I'm curious if others will follow him...well I expect others to show up given it's hard to ignore I giant ship lol.
1/30/2018 c1 Guest
Will we still get to see Hit or Cabba?
1/29/2018 c1 Who
Who the other 3 teammates joining Saitama and Boros in the tournament?
Who are you cutting off?
1/28/2018 c1 16halofan2112
this is trash grabage my story are better written
1/26/2018 c1 Idea
Idea: Make Vados envious of Saitama for having an earnest and loyal pupil like Genos while shes stuck dealing with Champa. (As a G.O.D., Champa is still Vados student).
1/23/2018 c1 AnakinTheSSJGod
I have a requested crossover story that I want you to write ( Basically suggested by a fan of both Star Wars and Dragon ball super ) :

Crossover between Star Wars ( EU / Expanded Universe / But the characters will look like their Canon movie counterparts / but they will still be as strong as they were in the comics ) and Dragon Ball Super

Note : That in this alternative Star Wars universe :

What if Anakin Skywalker Was born with an astronomically high midichlorian count of 280000 per cell , instead of 20000 , resulting, in, him, immediately , being, killed, off, by, Darth Sidious

( As a newborn / because Palpatine saw him as being a far to dangerous and powerful individual to become a site lord and needed to be disposed of at once ) , but, luckily , he , was, reincarnated, into, the, body, of, a, small, newborn, Saiyan, named, Cabba

( Basically Anakin Skywalker is in the body of Cabba / but keeps all of his force powers intact / meaning / he will still use the force itself / but will become a grey Jedi that is / Balance in the force itself ) , and, 15 , years, later, the, young, Saiyan , joins, the, universe, tournament ( meaning those 8 years of training have given him the time to fully master and achive his full potential in the force itself / becoming one with the force ) , with, a , very, unique, power , that, not, even, the, Great Priest, or, the, twelve, gods, of, destruction, and, their, Angel, attendants, are, even, familiar, with, one , who, wields, a, superpower, not, natural, to, their, world, aka, The , Force , Itself .

Main Pairings Are :

Goku x Chi Chi

Vegeta x Bulma

Anakin ( Reincarnated as Cabba ) x Vados x Margarita x Cus ( Three way harem story / but no more than that though )

Genre : Adventure / Romance

Title : A Golden Haired Skywalker Of Legend

Summary : He was hought to have perished at the, hands of lord, Sidious himself only for him to resurface in the body of a young saiyan himself named Cabba . therefore his destiny as the chosen one may have resulted in absolute failure for bringing order to his, own galaxy . but this new journey will take him to new heights of power far beyond what any normal human or even a Jedi master could offer . whereas for Anakin there is only the force . which will guide the young skywalker towards peace itself . along with defending the universe from evil itself . particularly gaining the attention, and interest of Vados Cus and maybe even Marcarita herself .

To the author please do my requested crossover story that's all I am kindly asking .

Thank You ..
1/25/2018 c1 CrissCrossover
This fic is so awesome already, I can’t wait.
You have a God of Destruction bringing back a Space Pirate Alien, and now they’re recruiting the strongest man, for a multiversL tournament;
Can’t wait for Saitama
1/23/2018 c1 asdf
I can't wait for Saitama to totally humble Caulifla and Kale. Or fight Jiren.
1/22/2018 c1 Rhum
Pairings! Saitama x Vados!
1/21/2018 c1 Guest
I'm giving you five days, kid. Keep it up.
1/22/2018 c1 20Gorath089
more, please!
1/22/2018 c1 6Lightningblade49
I can definitely see Boros in the top 5 fighter for U6, nice start to the story should be seeing Saitama soon given now Boros fast new ship.
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