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for The Last King

12/8 c33 Jibberflex
How many times are we gonna have to read about him complaining about being king and wishing he was born a commoner then to realize he's a Demigod so his life would never be peaceful. It's getting annoying with the wasted words.
12/8 c31 Jibberflex
So now that he's married he decides to use human logic in saying he can't be with another person but when he was engaged he didn't care.
12/8 c30 Jibberflex
Ugh, too much magic and God shit going on now.
12/8 c29 Jibberflex
I'm sad for Dany. She's a complete pawn in this story that's not gonna end well for her.
12/8 c27 Jibberflex
Yeah, the small council scene was bad. Made Tytan look weak. He lost that engagement in front of the most powerful people in Westeros. How he did not think Tywin would try to gain more power is beyond me.
12/8 c26 Jibberflex
Ahhh, I was wondering when the true Cersei was gonna make an appearance. Glad to see she's still the same lol.
12/4 c21 4bibidibabidiboom
Ivar be setting the fools for failure
11/28 c34 HellRaiderS
Loved it perfect chapter keep the updates coming
11/27 c11 Noobwiseman
Ruined it for me.
11/27 c27 Hoosthat
Good plot but why Margery? It would have been interesting to show how Tytan deals with Renly and the Tyrells had he taken another bride.
11/25 c2 HusseES
God damn is the start of this chapter full of grammar errors could really benefit from a small fix.
11/25 c34 Balerus the black dread
This chapter is good I was hoping Dorne would get involved, can’t wait to see how Doran and Arienne react in the capital to Tytan ! Great chapter
11/25 c34 bryank97
love all the intrigue that you keep adding!
11/24 c6 Batmanwolf738
So Percy(Tytan) must be really weaker with his powers as during he has used water to heal annabeth before.
11/24 c34 chaosmaker55
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