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3h c2 zeusjupiter46
Hey bro idk if it’s you on a03 but your story is being posted on it, and it’s a different name. Might be you but just letting you know just in case brother.
9/24 c31 Featherboi
Absolutely fascinating story, May i ask what inspired your writing style? Im writing a book of my own (not for FF but still) ahd would love any advice you could give me!
9/20 c31 Johnsmythe2oo2
is the fic still alive or is it dead?
I mean it's been some time since the last update so...
anyway this is one of the good fanfiction crossovers btw Percy Jackson and Game of thrones so here's to hoping you'll update soon...
9/18 c9 2D72
Little surprised Tytan didn't steal the stomp stomp CLAP from queen. It would be an easy bit of theatricality, and it really gets the crowd going!
9/17 c23 makoto88
Genial capitulo ahora Tytan ya demostró lo que puede hacer un semi dios y Viserys finalmente sirvió de algo y ayudo a terminar con la mayoría de las amenazas internas solo falta ver como reacciona Dorne y como va la unión de Stannis y Denerys
9/17 c31 4lucasbrice
I did laugh at the scene with Kevan, poor him as everybody kept interrupting him.

I am very much loving this whole story so far. Good luck on writing next chapter!
9/17 c3 2D72
A prince is never early, nor late, they arrive precisely when they intend to!
9/17 c1 D72
On one hand, I don't much care for PJ.
On the other hand, dyslexia is a canonical Lannister trait. Granted, it's a trait of his uncle, the dumb one.
9/14 c23 BuddhaBuddha
Yeah I saw that coming. It was obvious that Ivar didn't actually betray Percy. I did almost believe it in the beginning, though, but Ivar downplaying Percy's abilities clued me in to the truth. Also the fact that no mention of Ivar disappearing happened. Considering he was so close to Percy, he wouldn't go unnoticed if he up and dipped like that.
9/12 c31 aesir21
Welcome back. Personally Tytan should have not refused Leaf. He as become too human and must not forget that he is half god inside the mortal body and not the other way. His relationship with Leaf is much more important and long lasting then with mortal. Just my 2 cents.
9/12 c22 The-Funeral-Pyre
There's a lot of inconsistencies in the story so far- presumably from the amount time between updates? Some of the ones I've noted are Tytan's and Margaery's knowledge of the other and how often they've met. Really early on you have him think about how he has never met her when thinking of possibly being betrothed to her. Then, when she finally appears in story there are a few instances where they talk about how long it has been since they last met (with different answers in different chapters) and the fact that they've met many times over the years at tournaments and such.

Another instance is to deal with Stannis leaving with the fleet. In one chapter, Tytan knows about this very early... later on he learns about it for 'the first time' in a Small Council meeting much later. Then we have Stannis tellimg Davos to stay with the fleet, only for him to be with him in the very next chapter when they meet their would-be queen.

Overall it isn't super impactful but it is jarring when going through the story chapter by chapter.
9/8 c11 Aavv21
Are you fucking kidding me!? Of ALL the women in Westros.. you choose Leaf!? Someone who's more tree than a woman and how TF are you making her out to be a great beauty? Have you fucking seen Leaf!? Fuck dude. What a freak pairing! You might as well have paired him with a female whitewalker at this point!
9/8 c10 Aavv21
Why tf is he simping over someone he saw in a dream and hasn't even met yet. And he's supposed to be experienced after having survived Tartarus. I just don't see any Tartarus survivor acting like that.
9/6 c31 Dotsey
Kevan gaining a lot of respect, glad he’s able to lay down the law while tytan is gone
9/6 c23 Lucifer-Satani
Personally, from the moment Ivar said that Tytan "(Percy) only had parlor tricks and was unsuited for the throne, I knew that it was likely all a trick.
Still though, it was a good twist. Something we'd expect from the actually GoT universe.
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