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5/9 c27 Guest
LFG it’s the insane priest euron not the horny cunt euron
5/9 c26 Guest
Well the night king is early... don’t know how I feel about that but you probably have a plan for all this so you do you. I feel like tytan should probably stop pining for leaf. Maybe keep it a one time thing so tytan can hopefully be happy with margaery
5/9 c25 Guest
You know what Ben through the half shit show that was season 5 onward I liked Jon snow as lord commander of the nights watch purely for how badass and awesome he was, and how his character fit well for him. Could we potentially get that here?
5/9 c24 Guest
GHOST! It’s the best good boy the show has ever had! The direwolf that deserved a hug at least! Lessgoooooo! Kinda hope you incorporate parts of the books into this story like the horny pirate euron.
22h c11 1Obi1Nemogbr
I would have thought the Mountain safer to be killed off and his head sent to Dorne.

Has Percy done anything about Fleabottom? He looks to be enjoying being a Prince too much and not acting with some 20th Century sensibilities regarding sanitation? I always enjoy reading the uplift of Kings Landing by renovating Fleabottom and rebranding the area.

Looking forward to more.
5/8 c18 Guest
See this makes me confused because why is Percy a servant of the dark one? That sounds like horse shit ngl. Davos should leave stannis and go join tytan.
5/9 c28 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next and it will be interesting to see how Percy handles what the letter says and it is definitely interesting to see how the dreams are effecting the ironborn and how all the blood and death will effect daenerys
5/7 c26 JustaDK
Ugh, didn't really like this chapter at all. So far great story and quite a bit of uniqueness in many of the storylines your using which is very interesting to read.

Cersei is one of them, frankly it was nice up to this point to not have her be seen as a complete lunatic off her meds. She's always been the bad guy, or the crazy person, so it was nice to see her as a bit more sane... at least till this chapter. Hopefully she doesn't get to crazy.
5/4 c28 3SixOneSixZERO
Cant wait to see what happens next!...
5/4 c23 SixOneSixZERO
Almost to the last of chapter 28 so far... but I just have to say how much I am loving this...and I definitely loved the end of this chapter...
4/30 c24 RandoFox
A little disappointed that there wasn't a lemon, it doesn't have to be straight up porn and like super detailed but it would be nice to have something
4/30 c28 Diedonetw
I simply love this work, one of my favorite crossovers. Cheers 3
4/30 c28 8CRUDEN
Great! Looks like Percy found out about his bastard, Dany seeing the gore of her actions heighten up by stannis, and the tease of a future fight between Percy and Eueron.
4/29 c4 RandoFox
Sad that percy lost most of his power, would love to see him wipe a town or army off the face of westeros with a tsunami or maybe an earthquake
4/28 c28 Olympex
I think that the Story is great so far, although i do hope to see more interactions between Percy and his Siblings.
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