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for The Last King

11/19 c14 hannahbanana
I can't, my heart cannot take this masterpiece in it's entirety. ughhh this chap is amazing and I truly was so invested in your scenes. love it! 3
11/20 c1 1arewin
Brilliant fic, can’t wait for more
11/17 c27 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next and what Percy will do about his child and with magic coming back if the kraken will be in the story in some way
11/14 c27 leigh
HOLY SHIT! i binge-read this whole crossover and I am absolutely OBSESSED! Keep it up, can't wait for the next chapter!
11/13 c27 Cauti0n
10/10 so far
11/13 c27 1Shadow Wolf 15846
nice! cant wait for the next chapter.
11/5 c27 TheDoctor111012
Brilliant story. Especially liked that percy did not come back full demigod by making him op way too eraly but fragments of them coming back bit by bit. Also how do you want to pose euron? Ancient powers from shadowlands or/and Valeria or blessed of tge drowned god? I guess that the dragon is too small to be a threat even you use the make dragon slave horn thing. Great writing.
11/5 c27 MelodyDaughterOfHecate
Thank you for the new chapter in the evolving story. It’s a really good read :)
11/4 c27 HabeFan
It is wonderful story but it feels like Percy is not using his resources well. he has Leaf but to not use greenseer to look for info and spying is damn. To be blindsided by pirates and Euron when he is the son of the sea is just not right. Please don't make things harder for Percy for the sake of the story.
11/4 c27 WBASI
think this is 5th or 6th time I finished this fic...from now on every time I finish it I will review...every time a new chapter shows up I read and then on my bed I begin it a new...great story and a great writer...I realized that almost half of the fics I follow is written by one guy...which makes updates a little frustrating but not complaining for premium stuff...keep going Greed...and never stop
11/4 c27 Tohka123
Really enjoying the story. Keep up the hard work
11/2 c27 Chewybar
Great story dude! You managed to emulate the distorted way of telling the story from multiple views perfectly! It was kinda like reading the original books, makes me feel fuzzy on the inside. On the other hand tho, wouldn't the pirate arc be kinda dull? If Percy can break a mountain with diminished powers. He can snap his fingers and just break all the ships in the sea? Not to mention he gets an OP boost in salt water. But I am looking forward to see how you portray the next part your fic. Keep at it dude. Cheers!
10/31 c27 s.k.f.f.f
thanks for chapter. I can see thongs will ramp up with more magic in play, and possibly ly the gods.
10/31 c27 Oghenevwogaga
This is quite nice
10/29 c27 Ryan
Love ever time you update this story cant wait for more
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