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for Survival on a Strange World

6/18/2020 c52 Own
Muhahahaha ( i say as I am making tons of neo clones )
6/18/2020 c35 Own
( God of knowledge view point ) all right people the author aka me from another reality has reported he has made planet fall but in that time a massive storm has come in and has passed now but has destroyed the town he was scouting he is now following them and he has told his fleet to start surveillance of the planet's surface that was 3 days ago he has now reported in that more people have come in to the game so we are initiating protocol beta may we have luck by our side during this conquest to stop these evil people doing this experiment ( pops up a plastic case with a red button on it that turned on the alarms signaling to the fleet to begin orbital drops )
6/18/2020 c25 Own
( tardis pops out of know where and I walk ) finally God found the fubar of a multiverse planet i mean there's like 20 different realities here I guess this is why the boss sent me here thank God he's the God of knowledge and has tons of info on this place or else I would be screwed now where am I ( looks around and sees the rwby village and pulls out a little circle as a red ai that is exactly like ruby rose pops up ) ruby we have arrived in the hell hole of a universe luckily our fleet is behind the moon but I need a map of this place * ruby * Roger that ( as she says that a map of this place pops up ) * the author / meh / from my universe * good ( in Palpatines voice ) also tell the fleet to execute order 69 * ruby * right away boss
5/20/2020 c16 Own
So zwei is a builder a stonemason a mechanic a lockpick that is one skilled dog
5/19/2020 c15 Own
This is gonna get a bit fucky
4/22/2020 c43 Nameless Toa
Wait... a Lightstone as in a lightstone from Bionicle?
2/19/2020 c56 Chara
A sequel?
6/6/2019 c55 Sharkboy
I thought that all of them were clones created to participate in these experiments.
6/6/2019 c55 icedshadows
that was incredible... and quite depressing.
6/6/2019 c55 Guest
Goodbye church.
And rick make sure Jerry dies painfully okay.
So no one can go home huh Guess they got a new life to do.
6/6/2019 c55 2Victor John Foxfire
Heh... From how I see it, Church, Epsilon, saying "Goodbye", was a fitting End for This...

But if This continues, the first thing that should be, is the group's reactions to Epsilon's Sacrifice. RWBY-verse would certain break down from the realization of their friend dying to save them all.

Also, Fuck Rick, Caring for only himself and his Personal gains.

But does that mean that Salem (Evil) will be coming along? Fucking hell.
5/29/2019 c54 Guest
Oh my god i should have guessed that Rick or one of his alternate versions would definitely do something exactly like this since i recall one of the watchers at the end of one chapter burped like Rick would do after he takes a swig of his flask but anyway i can’t wait to see how this story ends and to see part two of this story.
5/28/2019 c54 FanBoy01
5/26/2019 c53 Mitch
ThanksKilling maybe be horrible horror, movie but it’s still funny to watch.
5/16/2019 c53 10Junior VB
Me pregunto dónde está el equipo CRDL.
I wonder where Team CRDL is.
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