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for Brother And Sister

4/1/2021 c2 jn208505
This was a fun read :) I liked how it floated through the events and gave some additional perspective. Well done!
3/15/2020 c2 17Phrankster
Heres that review I promised you. Im not gonna go through every part one at a time, since that would take me forever. The standard across the board is very high. Not one time in it, did I read anything that felt sub-par, compared to the rest of it. Your understanding of Frankie as a character is, of course, absolutely exceptional. Its almost to the point where youd think, that you were writing about yourself. Your understanding of the brother/sisterly bond between Miles and Frankie is another thing that always impresses me. The writing of the other characters is on point and your memory of what happened in the series is off the charts. This comes across to me as a labor of love and its also helping me remember things to use in my own story, so thanks for that.

Ive got a new episode out, if you havent seen.
9/1/2019 c2 14holmgang
As in the first chapter, you really just have the character voices down! Especially Frankie's, of course. I loved getting to see Miles react to the whole Esme thing - this show has a bad habit of forgetting which grudges which characters have, lol. And that end scene was adorable!
8/25/2019 c1 holmgang
Damn, this was so good! You write Frankie so well! I'm glad you let her be wrong and complicated, sometimes. Of course a girl her age isn't going to be able to understand things like sexual assault or parental abuse. The balance you've struck between her exasperation with Miles and her worry for him is very realistic. I particularly liked the scene after it came out about who had attacked Zoë and that part 1 end scene, ugh! And I love Miles expressing his discomfort with being yelled at, that was such a good detail. Excited to start on part 2!
4/11/2019 c2 4OkuntinTenfeder
still had this one in my follows, so I knew about and intended to read, before you even wrote me. :) This is by far better than the first part. Everyone felt IC and with every scene you knew right away, where you were in the storyline. Dont really know, what else to say, beside it being a joy to visit the Hollingsworths again. :)
4/6/2019 c2 12drizzletomyhurricane
If you’re wondering if I read this in line at Disneyland because I was so excited for the update, you’re right! This was fantastic, and I think actually much stronger than your first. I know it’s my own preference speaking but boy, did I appreciate the Mola scenes. As always it was a little hard for me to get into the bits about Triles and them “being together forever,” but I I understand why it was important to the story. I think your scenes with Esme were very strong, though I did catch myself remembering that Esme and Zig seemed to be into... Er, “baking,” so she probably had seen Esme at least high on weed before. I really enjoyed the tension with her father and the fight scene with Miles over Esme. And of course my personal favorite was miles obsessing over Lola’s video and Frankie being ever so clueless, as Frankie isoverall, I SO enjoyed this! I love your “missing moments” stories and this was an absolute treat! Honored to have helped beta read
4/6/2019 c2 Guest
You write all members of the Hollingsworth family so well! Would you ever consider writing about the siblings while Miles in in London and the twins are in their senior year? Like a series of one-shots?
11/1/2018 c1 Guest
This story is so good
2/4/2018 c1 4OkuntinTenfeder
This one didn't grip me as much as your others. One small thing: I don't think Miles would call anyone slutty. The bigger thing is, that Frankie IMO was too early too aware that something was going on. Frankie's just too self absorbed to be that aware. I'm pretty sure that their father hitting Miles came out of nowhere for her. Maybe with knowing this bit of information she would reconsider some scenes and realize then that you COULD have seen that something was going on.
Then you switch from a pretty aware Frankie to a pretty naive one, when its about Zoe's assault and then to a pretty aggressive one in hospital, where physically attacking a sick person was really OOC to me. I could see her freaking verbally, but thats all.
Maybe the problem ist, that you're skipping through time and the shows character development pretty fast and of course that makes it difficult, because it makes it impossible to get into a flow like in your other ffs.
2/1/2018 c1 Frankston
Haha, thanks for the shoutout! I'm left without much to say, except this may be my favorite of all your stories too :) it was a terrific mix of familiar scenes from the show, with some well-thought out and touching original scenes (especially the last one in the hospital). Seeing them play out from Frankie's perspective was an awesome touch, and I'd 110% read a Part 2! The rest of Next Class felt so condensed in places, especially Season 4, that there's so many possibilities! If she suspected Miles and Lola more than the show hinted at, plus what Miles would have thought about Esme and Frankie hanging out were already great many more too, like how Frankie would have felt about Zoe, Winston and Jonah all leaving at the very end knowing their friendships didn't end on the best of terms.

Keep up the great work, I really enjoyed this :D
1/30/2018 c1 12drizzletomyhurricane
Wow, this was fantastic! You write these two really well together- I especially loved the scene in the hospital towards the end; it felt very realistic. I would definitely love to see a part two! I think it would be interesting to explore season 3, especially- so many missing scenes with potential: how did Frankie help Miles when he was dealing with Tristan's coma? Did she ever hear the rumors about Miles and Lola? What would she think if she realized he was the father? How would Miles feel about Frankie and Esme in s4? So many possibilities! I hope you write it!
1/22/2018 c1 Guest
Hello. I really loved how you realistic this was. I would read a Part 2

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