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3h c31 Guest
Jane is so protective of Tasha which is so sweet. Her conversation with Maura about Tasha's birth control was hilarious, especially when she tells Maura she's fired. Can't wait till Tasha visits because she's gonna make sure Jane and Maura do something or at least think about doing something! I wish the show would have had more about Jane, Maura, and Tasha's relationship. It's sweet to see Maura with Tasha in kind of a motherly affectionate way because I don't know that Maura ever saw herself that way. Hopefully, she and Jane will get to be real parents some day. Can't wait for your updates; Your story is awesome!
3h c34 Guest
We miss you
8/9 c34 Diego 22
My my all of this sentimental and sensual teasing , how unpredictable (lol). Love their tender moments I think Jane knows Maura’s ready anytime for her , it’s splendid. I’m thoroughly enjoying this read thank you!
8/8 c34 Lina Dum
Truly believe you are capable of writing a bestseller book. It’s a gift of writing for sure. Best fanfic I’ve ever read. Looking forward for how it ends. A big thank you from Maura&Jane fan, you should’ve helped them direct the TV show :)
8/7 c34 Amber
Been reading this story all week! You’re fabulous! It akin the show but better cuz they ain’t playing off the very obvious sexual energy with two main characters as a close (Heterosexual) friendship! They had a flirty spark from episode one! Missed opportunity for the show to create something great! Gives you the chance to make it I guess! Their relationship is authentic and realistic! Love the family stuff! Love the building sexual tension even more! Love it all ‘round! Cannot wait for whatever comes next! :D :D :D :D
8/7 c34 Ry
Am I evil for hoping they get caught as opposed to coming out in theyre own terms? Lovely chapter. Hot too.
8/7 c34 Guest
*waiting for nosey Angela to ask Maura of her love life*
*waiting for romantic Jane*
*patiently awaiting the next chapter*
8/4 c34 Guest
Always a great chapter with the Rizzoli’s and Maura and Nina. More please
8/3 c34 Guest
Beautiful work of art.
8/3 c34 ainesle
I adore this fic ... thanks for updating!
8/2 c34 6Larrin
I just sent my weekend blowing through all 34 chapters of this fic! I LOVE it! Possibly my favorite R&I fic ever. You have the characters down so well; particularly Maura who I feel is very difficult for people to capture properly. Everything is perfection. The slow burn, the integration of the case, the Rizzoli family drama. This is the way the show should've progressed. I can't wait for more. Thank you!
8/2 c34 Sunshine
I hope future brings good things for Maura and Jane. Can’ t wait for the update.
7/31 c34 14afret2010
I can definitely see Jane feeling ambiguous about the FBI job because of how much she would be missing in Boston.

Truth be told, I always thought that was a flaw in the series finale. I just couldn’t see Jane leaving Boston, her family, Maura, or the BPD.

Another great update, thanks!
7/31 c34 Justagirlfangirling
this story is just amazingly good! i love the friendship between maura and nina and i really hope she and frankie take jane and mauras relationship in stride so they can double date lmao i think rizzles might combust from the sexual tension but i love the slowburn and soft touches and their dynamics that you write so well!
thank you so much!
7/30 c34 Guest
Another wonderful chapter, and what a wonderful sweet ending. Thank you again for the update. I do love this story.
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