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10h c20 Born reader
This story is like a therapy to me. I was in Maura’s situation but somehow I finally figured out who I was and who I love. My life is like anyone’s life sometimes hard sometimes sweet. But this story... it makes me happy I know it’s fictional but still it’s good to see a beautiful story. Thanks you for writing this
5/16 c39 Guest
Please, please, please update. Don’t abandon such a great story
5/13 c39 Guest
I hope you will continue the story!
5/10 c39 Rainbow
Oh my god I reread the whole story , yes I had free time:) you’re terrible! In a good , a perfect way:)
5/9 c39 Guest
They’ve been apart for so long! :( I thought for certain they’d reunite.
5/7 c39 Pink lady
This is a very nice story. Very sweet. Thank you for sharing
5/3 c39 Guest
Really missing this story would love to see an up
5/3 c39 Guest
Love this one. I just miss the monthly updates :’(
4/30 c39 Guest
Just found this story and could not stop reading! I love it
4/29 c39 RedLu
I couldn’t put it down I finished way too fast and now I want to cry cuz I want more!
Can wait for more!
I love the funny parts and all rizziles parts and how the family is so close to finding out. Can’t wait to see what else happens!
4/28 c39 Pablo66
I really enjoy this! There are parts that made me laugh out loud , more than once. The love story seems very true to the characters presented, anti it is a delight. What a great read. Thank you for sharing your storytelling.
4/27 c39 Guest
I'm so looking forward to your next chapter I keep checking back and end up rereading my favorite parts of the story ... which is basically the whole thing. I love it every time. Thanks for the long chapters!
4/24 c39 Guest
4/23 c39 cbnuts
I just found this story and it’s wonderful!
4/18 c39 Riviera
I love this story. There arenoble characters and it don’t bother me that it takes so long to get to Rizzles. Their journey seems honest. I hope you’ll stilll writing
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