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for Legacy of Jarik Shan V4: A Jedi in Exile

4/30 c7 Guest
I wonder what Jarik and Ahsoka’s couple song would be
4/29 c66 Jimmy K.I. 7
Why the Empire didn't make more clone troopers?
Is it because the Empire just gathering young troops and force them not to join rebels?
4/12 c54 Guest
I bet Sabine was happy to meet Ahsoka since she really appreciates that she helped her mom and the Nite Owls take Darth Maul off the throne of Mandalore during the Clone Wars
4/12 c83 Jimmy K.I. 7
Okay, Dreadnaught?
Star Wars Separatists Dreadnaught Ship & First Order Dreadnaught Ship. And now Destiny Dreadnaught Ship?
Everybody really loves that name or some DREADFUL name, huh?
4/4 c54 Guest
I wonder if Kanan and Hera told Ezra who Ahsoka is
4/3 c88 Shani-Fan
Who is the woman, who falls into hole?
Very curious.
3/9 c30 Guest
I wish there was the chapter where Jarik and Ahsoka sparred with each other
3/8 c67 31TheRagFromTheCrag
what I want to see is Infinity stones used as Lightsaber Crystals
2/21 c76 Guest
I wonder if Jarik and Ahsoka ever snuggled with their daughter together
2/20 c67 TheRagFromTheCrag
I always did love Gregor and Kanan post swallow
2/20 c76 Guest
Maybe Jarik and Ahsoka made out while waiting for everyone to return
2/20 c20 Jimmy K.I
Wait a minute, if Satele settled on that planet then there is a ship around that island right?
2/19 c78 Guest
I wonder if Jarik and Ahsoka told Sabine about their relation to Rylla
2/18 c83 Guest
Can I bring up the fact that with how smart thrawn is he would probably be a really good ally to have when the hive does invade seeing as he would know what his dealing with granted I'm not expecting him to just betray the empire I feel it'll take a lot to reach that point
2/18 c60 Guest
I wonder if Ezra asked Kanan and Hera on why he was upset upon finding out that Jarik and Ahsoka got married
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