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for Legacy of Jarik Shan V4: A Jedi in Exile

9/15 c99 Guest
I wonder why Ahsoka didn’t tell Jarik about what Maul saw about him, Anakin, and the Emperor.
8/20 c86 6TheRagFromTheCrag
I was waiting for that reunion
7/8 c3 Fanfic sins
Nice use of the aqualish
6/18 c97 1Bugspip
I was hooked while reading all of "V4 A Jedi in Exile" and loved all of it, it took a while to get used to everything you've added in the crossovers, but it's still fun to read. I'm looking forward to how you continue.
6/16 c95 Guest
No quieres aceptar mis reseñas,muy bien,supongo que quizas sigamos eternamente atrapados en este ciclo irreversible y vicioso;yo que tengo tantos detalles o objetos complementarios tan geniales para añadir al Shaniverse tuyo considero que le faltan mas facciones interestelares,detalles complementarios y ademas hay solo 1 saga que no logra encajar por mas que me digas Screw off entre los elementos superheroicos y futuristas de tu saga de Fanfiction Crossover,a menos que lo encajes dentro de Xadia como dimension dentro de la existencia y plano material no solo del universo,sino tambien del propio Multiverso,asi que toma nota de esto al menos,chao...
6/1 c41 Gary123
Amazing story, you've truly constructed a nice alternate universe (or shaniverse) with an interesting character. I hope you'll continue these stories.

My only problem with Shaw is how he reacts when a Mandalorian denounces him for his heritage, he should've reminded them more that Mandalore the Great and his armies were ravaging the galaxy and commiting unspeakable acts of brutality untill Revan stepped in to halt their advance!
5/31 c99 4Harold Godwinson
Whoa... I did see that coming O_O
5/30 c99 Randy 201
Remind me never to upset you hahaha ha
5/30 c99 Ryry-24
That would definitely show him!
5/16 c14 12South Down
Yeah and I thought the Battle of Crait was cool too.
5/16 c11 South Down
What was that Whole thing with Snoke?
4/29 c62 6Jack Kings
"ludicrous speed"
I was drinking water when I read that. I'm sure you can imagine what happened.
3/1 c27 1M.H. Pintner
Id say you captured Thrawns image incredibly well
12/17/2019 c7 PrinceTanix
well, this will come and bite him back later... smh should've just told her.
12/17/2019 c1 PrinceTanix
why didn't he kill the second sister at the beginning? She just killed a family and she will just don't again to another family.
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