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for Dark Hunter: Devil's Hunter

2/3/2019 c37 3Jessica9906
great i love it
When will we continue?
Could Esdeath give up and be nice and do anything to forgive?
11/11/2018 c2 Verhullte
Towards the end of this chapter, the details just sort of dissipated. This chapter could be reworked more to the end. You could have added how Kurome got there. Make the situation more tense. Which I think that was your goal, she literally said "Sis you left me" and does not mention it again. This left me confused on what is going on.
11/3/2018 c36 Jessica9906
When will we continue?
Will Esdeath become nice in the end? And when does the minister die?
6/23/2018 c1 pyoson123
Omg I didn't believe the reviews when they said your grammar was shit so I read the story and I found millions of mistakes in the first chapter. You should really get a reader.
5/25/2018 c36 ShadowWarrior597
5/25/2018 c1 lycaonpictus
Yo man ze they she whatever u wanna be called run ur chapters through paper rater or get a proof reader who is half decent with the English language if you had better grammar so many more people would read it if u are really desperate I can help u out
4/24/2018 c1 Guest
Not trying to be an ass. But your grammar is shit. I try to be blunt most of the time. Honestly I got through 4 paragraphs before I gave up. Try googling paper rater and simply run your story through it and I swear you will have many more people reading your story. If you do so I will come back and read your story.
3/24/2018 c22 ShadowWarrior597
3/18/2018 c20 3Smartpain101
Take a break from writing and fix your grammar for the love of all that can read English. Until then I can't fully read your story. Literally, I can't understand half of what's on the page. Not trying to be mean but if you want readers it needs to be coherent to the rules of the English language.
3/10/2018 c1 ShadowWarrior597
3/5/2018 c15 1Miss Seraphina
Well, it's good. I like your idea. Can you make Makoto change to good. I really sad what he is ending
3/1/2018 c1 DeadPineapple
wtf is this grammar, dude you got a great idea but you need a proof reader. I like the story tho!
2/28/2018 c13 19zerobound
Nice to have Christmas as family with Night Raid after all they’re family. Dark Huntress is trying get Esdeath out before the final battle. But won’t be easy to take her down.
To bad Tatsumi and Akame didn’t find a family picture
2/27/2018 c12 zerobound
That was good

Tatsumi win the tournament and found the file in Esdeath base. Liver knows about Akame and Tatsumi as a couple. My guess Esdeath is not full power since that poison inside of her
2/26/2018 c11 zerobound
Wow nice job. Tatsumi be careful with team with his lion transform, but Liver no Tatsumi secret or not. Is nice Tatsumi have powerup boost now. I wonder what is Bulat is going to used. I hope something powerful
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