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for The Huntsman From the Void

4/22/2018 c11 Guest
4/19/2018 c11 2AnimeMasterDub
Ben should hold up a sign that says tsundere when Winter interacts with Qrow
4/19/2018 c11 AnimeMasterDub
Ok for starters thank you for acknowledging and giving the green light for my suggestion on the my hero academia crossover. On that note the title of said crossover should have the word 'Academia' in the name. As for the new chapter for this crossover I like what you did but I was expecting Winter to ask Weiss to introduce her to Ben. As for what will happen in the next chapter I get the feeling Yang tells Taiyang about Ruby getting a boyfriend (without Ruby knowing of course she finds out by interrogating Yang when she is acting strange but only its a little too late) and he decides to go to Beacon to find Ben and do the overprotective father thing which causes them to have a sparring match before the match starts Ruby tells Ben to go alien on her father. During the match he can either go as ditto to out number Taiyang or turn into one of his more muscular aliens and over power him instead. Also maybe when Winter gets to know Ben better she starts acting like an older sister to Ben as well I think that would be funny. Also when are EyeGuy and Gutrot going to show up in the story because I would like to see Ben make some eye and gas puns. For example: Your GAS is as good as mine. or EYE don't see the point.
4/18/2018 c11 2WulfBerg
The BHA sounds like a good idea. Ben would fit in, like, a lot.
4/18/2018 c11 14RedBurningDragon
But a Reinhardt Nora would so work well with her semblance more so if Ben makes that battery from Null Fairy I mean your making Yang Genos
Hm in My Hero Ben would actually be average only thing is that Eraserhead can't cancel his transformation as that's tech and not quirk also I don't think he can canceling alian powers cause that would be canceling their physiology
Aw crap baskets
... Creepy Winter creepy
Well that happened
Well Ren is going insane
Um offer his right but hooked his left
So couldn't Ben use Clockwork to see what she was doing
And then maybe use Upgrade to counter the virus
4/18/2018 c11 OneYuTriSlayers
Good chapter
If you are going to do a Ben 10 and Boku No Hero Academia crossover with the same setup then let Ben keep Master Control because I believe that is the only way that can work. Because the time limit setup will not work because of what Eraserhead said to Deku about using his powers during his Ball throw test.
4/17/2018 c11 1tomahawkESP
THEY KISSED! Also, can we get Chromastone in the next chapter?
4/17/2018 c11 DatBoi
Great chapter fam I like how Ben confessed his feeling and how cinder put two and two together with Ben and the other aliens. I would also like to say it would be great to see a Ben 10 and a my hero fic I great way to introduce Ben is to have been crash in during Midoriyas training maybe around 8 months into his training so him and Ben can have have a little moment like when Ben crashes in Izuku comes to check it out and Ben states he's an alien and that jazz it would be funny if Izuku asks Ben "ARE YOU GONNA PROBE ME!?" And Ben states that asking that is VERY racist THAT would be funny to see in their interaction. It would be cool if Ben did his own little hero work at night when no one's watching and meets Eraserhead on a rooftop as big chill after stopping some bad guys. Sorry for this being so long hopefully you reply to this also did you get any fan art from anybody yet
4/17/2018 c11 STANDO POWAH
Ben 10 and Boku No Hero Academia? Hell yeah! Do it!
4/17/2018 c11 6Dragon Of The Ecplising Moon
Ben should remove the virus
4/17/2018 c11 loveme4039120001
When is the next chapter for the null fairy and can u add ball weevel in it too
4/17/2018 c11 Greer123
Love the detail you put into this chapter and how Winter and Ironwood reacted to the news about Ben in this chapter.
4/17/2018 c11 LoamyCoffee
Oh yeah, do it!
4/17/2018 c11 Mega Float Guest
Ehm, the chapter was okay, but I feel that your version of ren would be better in a rwby chibi chapter, I mean, ooc works better there because is more or less a parody.
And before you start another story, it would be better for everybody that you finish these two story first.
4/17/2018 c11 76Perseus12
Nnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccceeeeeeeeee~! *Thumbs UP!*
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