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for The Huntsman From the Void

12/22/2018 c15 Traveler-who
hey can you do a certain scientific railgun x Ben 10 crossover with a Mikoto Misaka x Ben pairing fanfiction please a certain scientific railgun is a good show so please try it
12/14/2018 c15 2The Traveler Who
I love fossil fighter Great game
12/7/2018 c15 Guest
You could add ShockRock to this by having Ben come in contact with some strange Dust.
12/5/2018 c15 14RedBurningDragon
Well you could have Galvin tech be missed used like a chimera machine on Galvin and Remnant tech
Well you could have the galvin try to make a portal home but couldnt use it and the Omnitrix cause the three to go on a null void adventure or something... maybe even Ledgerdomain
Well you do end up with a Chibi there could be a random portal to Bellwood or Gwen and Max could be in Remnant cause reasons ... or Kevin cause shenanigans
Is that the dehydrated from Mega Mind
12/5/2018 c15 1tomahawkESP
Is Dr. Merlot actually Dr. Animo? Because that would explain a lot! It would be like, even though Animo came to Remenant a day before Ben got sucked into the portal, he was actually there for many years!
12/4/2018 c15 2darkromdemon
Well nice to see you are still alive great chaptees really hope we get to read more soon
12/4/2018 c15 LoamyCoffee
Excellent~ a double update and fun for all!
12/4/2018 c15 4Gamelover41592
epic work on this chapter and a lot of good puns XD
12/4/2018 c2 Jose19
The only disappointing thing I see is he lacks the confusing of the canon Ben, and the determination that makes him famous.

This Ben will find it difficult to function while not being himself he looks kind of weak, and this world is very dangerous.
12/4/2018 c15 yikai11.teo
the tech might make it more interesting but i think if you start adding aliens it kinda detracts from the story
12/4/2018 c15 2OmniIBIBUltraInstinctGodzilla
Two story updates in the same day? I hate you.
11/29/2018 c6 Basket in a Nutcase
"Chapter 6: Arc of Time, Animal Unleashed…"
*kicks down the door* DID SOMEBODY SAY UNLEA- aww, it's not the sonic version
11/29/2018 c5 Basket in a Nutcase
how and why the hell is Ben so perceptive he's a borderline traumatized 12 year old
11/29/2018 c4 Basket in a Nutcase
prolly not gonna happen, bit there's not enough Benwolf in the nation series so maayyybe a cameo?
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