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for The Huntsman From the Void

11/28/2018 c3 Basket in a Nutcase
ben: this is so sad, omnitrix play despacito
11/9/2018 c14 Traveler-who
watch?vnf4XOFxi2Ig it's a video showing ben 10 hidden facts please watch it Emiyn
11/9/2018 c11 hirshja
I believe the canon height his 120 feet, but that makes no sense even for the Golden Gate Bridge as that is about 1000 feet above the bay floor.

For these purposes, I’d just say that he can shift sizes between 120 feet and 5,000 feet (about a quarter the height of Denali)
11/5/2018 c6 hirshja
Ya know, if Ben doesn’t use way-big to fight Kevin (the dragon I mean) when he eventually shows up, then something is wrong.
10/31/2018 c14 2The Traveler Who
you should not do the Galvan thing please
10/4/2018 c13 Guest
Does this have Yang and Weiss?
10/3/2018 c12 Guest
I'm kinda hoping for Blake x Yang
9/23/2018 c14 Traveler-who
you should do a RWBY chibi version of this called The Huntsman From the Void chibi or RWBBY Void chibi version and you might be needing a break and should focus on 1 story at a time or have a voting thing for with chapter will be uploaded
9/23/2018 c14 Traveler-who
Emiyn can i call you Emiyn am sorry that i been gone for awhile and not reviewing your story but that no reason to not answer me i get it your mad at me am sorry but can you at least consider my ideas like when ben enter the portal it clone him and send the clones bens to the Multiverse with all of there Omnitrix connected to the 1 Primus it would give you an Excuse for ben having access to aliens like ghostfreak and have Paradox tell them that the Original ben landed back to his earth and use that as an Excuse for you having the bens getting the Andromeda aliens with Paradox telling them that the Original (the one that landed on his earth) scan them
9/23/2018 c14 Traveler-who
I wonder if the alien tech is related to time travel that may be for the 3 way crossover
9/22/2018 c14 Greer123
Great use of Zwei in this chapter.
9/21/2018 c14 14RedBurningDragon
But Null Fairy already has Edolos Ben
You can have Eon be the big bad that has them crossing over dimentions and Paradox sends them back or something ... would be an exuse to pull in Edo Ben
Arrogance is the hubris
Hm surprised Ben hasnt upgraded their weapons yet ... or launched a counter virus
Hope this how ben upgrades the weapons without Upgrade
“369er began to configure a few”
9/20/2018 c14 Guest
Awe yeah a three way crossover would be awesome I can just imagine how the three bens would interact with each other. I say go for it i know im not the only one who would be interested in seeing this come to life. :)
9/20/2018 c14 2darkromdemon
Wonder what will happen once Atomix or Alien X shows up
9/20/2018 c14 Dragon storm
Hope your doing well in college
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