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3/24/2019 c2 J
The f**k man or woman
3/24/2019 c1 Ejdmcmmd
4/1/2018 c1 Anon
Exceptionally well done. You did a great job balancing emotion and passion.

Minor proofreading critique: it looks like you used 'her' incorrectly in several places.
3/12/2018 c2 Smutley Do-Wrong
A find in page, pronouns, him, her, he, she, his, her, could catch several slipups to correct.
2/25/2018 c1 1SherlockHolmes4884
Star Wars rip off? Han and leia?
2/23/2018 c1 4cullenwhitlockhottie01
let me start off by saying that this was fantastic, honestly truly. but you can't just leave us like this. this is a wonderful story in the making full of love triangles, drama, angst, uncertainty and so much! I'm so excited thinking about it.

This made my day.
2/17/2018 c1 15AngelinaWeasley1
2/17/2018 c1 1Lizzie Stardust
there are no words to describe how much I love this one shot or words to describe my disappointment that there is not a continuation or a linked chapter, I would like to see much more of this story seriously, I loved it, as you specified every little detail of how they made love and those little moments of tenderness and I love it, totally, I would like a chapter to see what happens to them after that because I really despair when that happens and I have nothing to know what happened after reading something as glorious and beautiful as your story, think about that, thanks. You made me sweat and you made me think a lot more about them that way, I'll be honest, there are not many writers who do as good jobs as you did, in such a careful and thoughtful way, I'm very interested in seeing your other works and follow you, really every time you write something new, I'll be one of the first to read it, because with this little job you've got me. very well worked and cautiously arranged every little moment, "Bittersweet" is the sweetest story in a single moment that can make you reconsider every scene of the Harry Potter saga, undoubtedly honest and realistic, makes you love this couple even if you have not thought of them that way before and for those who grew up with this belief is the greatest gift that can give them.

Lizzie Stardust
2/4/2018 c1 Lorae3
that was amazing. I loved it! please, please, please write more, much more!
2/3/2018 c1 badkidoh
Great story.
I'm going to assume Hermione & Harry stay together.
1/30/2018 c1 tacitblue1973
What a tender moment of healing together.
1/29/2018 c1 14Jasmine Aurora Potter
I would love a sequel or a chapter 2 where Hermione ended up pregnant because of that night!
1/27/2018 c1 4HarryHermioneEdwardBella
amazing story
1/26/2018 c1 9Marvolo666
"Again Again I love repetition"
Well how about a sequal. Or chapter 2
1/25/2018 c1 15Aliathna
Please tell me there's gonna be more!
That was great, I really enjoy it ;)
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