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5/22 c18 Dracaris5470
ya know upon rereading I feel you have been negelecting best girl aka Hedwig where the mention of her Harem of owls , the golden perch and mountain of Bacon that she deserves?
5/22 c18 CrazySasori
I just binged this entire fic and I have to say it's been a great ride, I've loved every bit of it and I hope you see it through to the end.
5/22 c7 poseidon17
Commenting on this chapter because I've just been a lurker but I remember reading this fic and quite liking the premise. I'm glad to see you back (which is part of why I'm re-reading). Thank you for continuing your hard work and for writing this fic. I like your idea on the Veela here and I've enjoyed reading your work. I'm excited to catch up and see what you have written thus far. Good luck and see you on the Flowerpot server! -seawolf :D
5/22 c18 TheLonelyAlchemist
This is a great story so far and I hope to read more chapters!
5/22 c18 Sammy9992
Shouldn't Harry's death in the graveyard fulfilled that part of the prophecy and destroyed the Horcrux? It's been a long time since I read that part so might be forgetting some important detail that just leaves me confused.
I wasn't a fan of the part where they were teaching the students this chapter. You skipped the parts where they were progressing to learn and it just seemed like they learned the spells first try (Ginny/Neville) or became perfect with a minor advice (Luna). It would have been better if Luna got very close to the bullseye with the advice and with Ginny it would have been better if we had seen the progression of those learning the patronus from nothing, to smoke, to shield and then have Harry's advice give her the final push to make a corporeal patronus.
5/22 c18 iamshinydragonmist
i absolutely love this story please keep on it is amazing still confused about harry still having visions after the graveyard with the killing curse hitting him though
5/22 c17 iamshinydragonmist
why is he getting visions from voldy didn't the horcrux get destroyed when he was hit with the killing curse back at the graveyard. other than that I am loving this story please keep it coming.
5/21 c18 1firetemplar415
5/21 c18 Dracaris5470
really nice Story I liked the early chapters the most tbh

the only thing I don't like here is Hermione she kinda annoying and I could do without her

I just found this Yesterday and really thanks for the Entertainment
5/21 c18 LordRhyolith
Hope Lucius will be forced to marry the hag-queen as some sort of marriage alliance.
5/21 c16 Rob1221
Snape andMalfoy deserves death hopefully a painful one
5/21 c4 8Raizen1125
I think the flow would be better if you split dialgoue with line spaces between perspective shifts
5/21 c18 SiriusOrionBitch
Great chapter! Thank you! Take care,

5/21 c18 1Arnie1701
Poor Voldie running out if minions,LOL
5/21 c17 dallasthekid05
I am glad this story is being continued, keep it up!
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