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5/21 c18 LordRhyolith
Hope Lucius will be forced to marry the hag-queen as some sort of marriage alliance.
5/21 c16 Rob1221
Snape andMalfoy deserves death hopefully a painful one
5/21 c4 8Raizen1125
I think the flow would be better if you split dialgoue with line spaces between perspective shifts
5/21 c18 SiriusOrionBitch
Great chapter! Thank you! Take care,

5/21 c18 1Arnie1701
Poor Voldie running out if minions,LOL
5/21 c17 dallasthekid05
I am glad this story is being continued, keep it up!
5/21 c17 BlackjaxCXXIII
Love that you have 3 of the champions teaching the DA now. Neat concept well executed. Great job!
5/20 c17 DarkBan
Hey there, ya just started (and finished at the 17th chapter) this story, amazing work, loving it!
5/20 c17 Wyrmraker
I love this story. I love it's pacing, the content, and the character growth.

The only complaint that I have is that figuring out who is speaking is difficult when you have multiple people speaking in the same paragraph. Please separate the conversations.
5/20 c17 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Good chapter and great that a group has decided to help all the students with DADA. I'm please they finally realized that Harry's dreams are reality. Thanks for sharing!
5/20 c17 Rumjunkie
I binge read this in one sitting, it is very well written and incredibly interesting.

You have, in my humble opinion, done a fantastic job with portraying the characters amd relationship of Fluer and Harry, indeed, just about everyone in your story (even Umbridge) and it has been a joy to read.

I hope you continue to write and I will eagerly await future chapters.
5/20 c17 1Arnie1701
I always found the connection through the scar between Harry and Voldie interesting. I mean, could it work the other way around?
5/20 c17 SiriusOrionBitch
Another great chapter! Thank you! Take care,

5/20 c16 JustBored07
Absolutely one of the best flowerpot stories i have ever read... Absolutely hope you continue and complete thia fic
5/19 c16 LordRhyolith
DAAAAAMN, this chapter was such a delicious read!

I hope Malfoy Jr. gets some good smacking. Daphne's father is supposed to be a dick, maybe he will do it personally because the Malfoys basically spat not the name of his family? (would be fun if Malfoy Sr. loses a big sum of his fortune becuase the act of his son canceled his economic relationship with Greengrass & allies.)
Anyways, sometimes I read stories where - it is always Daphne for some reason - she got almost raped by Malfoy, and her family did nothing in retaliation, but these stories also always imply that the Greengrass Family are the supposed leaders of the 'grey' faction. Weird.

PS: Don't forget Malfoy Jr.'s gorillas. Grabbe and Goyle aren't that stupid to don't know what they were Draco assisting with.
These three idiots are future rapists, better to geld them early before they cause trouble later.

That said, thanks for the chapter & the story. Awesome read!
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