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9/22 c21 JustinOtherFictionFan
Wow. That was one heck of a chapter! Cannot wait to see what comes next.
9/22 c18 JustinOtherFictionFan
The Halloween Eve dinner with friends was amazing and cathartic and deep and powerful. Now that Dobby has sat at the table with Harry and friends I cannot believe that this is the first time I have read such a thing.
You continue to so wonderfully tread the line of naturally sexy without ever becoming crude or just another lemon.
9/22 c21 jaqmaq77
A strange chapter indeed... at times I find following your time jumps difficult to the point of reading a Paragraph twice before I get that you slipped forward. Not really a problem, just a bit annoying - perhaps consider starting, 'later, after returning to school' or 'after their return to school, they sat at breakfast' or 'One week later'
(The risk of helping a junior death eater was too high.
Draco snuck out of school before Breakfast)
Still enjoying and hopefully more soon...
Draco following Tom even while thinking Tom has set-up his beloved father is great... it's just like, in canon, Harry returning to the Dursleys because his headmaster said so... lets be honest, you just found out you got money... I don't care if God himself or herself popped in and said, "Harry, you must return to your abusers..." I would be like... "Yes, no problems, God," then as soon as God turned its back - RUNNER! I did write a one-shot where the first night home Harry burnt the house down around the Dursleys and sent a note to Dumbles saying, "Oops, the house burnt down... My uncle and aunt roasted... so I'm off to the London Hilton..."
9/22 c17 jaqmaq77
Getting a bit 'Out There'... Harry gets hit by the killing curse and comes back still connected to Tom? Now he's having the dreams? Explanations needed urgently... because I am finding myself floundering in murky waters with no clues as to how I got there... This train seems to have jumped its tracks into another dimension...
It's still good, but very confusing.
9/22 c12 jaqmaq77
A little confusing - why is Peter not in DMLE hands... and the whole 'Matrix' red pill, blue pill bit? How does Sirius get freedom now?
Is your Dumbledore evil in disguise?
Will Fleur and Harry be happy?
Will they eventually drag Hermione into bed and enjoy her?
Where's my favourite character, Luna Lovegood?
What happened to Draco 'n' co? Did they freeze to death?
Did Snape die a slow and painful death... No, wait... wrong story...
Ah well - I will wait and see if these questions and many more are answered in the next exciting chapters of 'Lonely Letters'
9/22 c11 jaqmaq77
Oh... exciting... very well written chapter and very descriptive... I could almost picture it as I read it. Love your writing style.
9/22 c10 jaqmaq77
Loved your version of the second task. Great chapters. I was away from home and reading on my tablet, which for some reason would not let me sign in to review.
Still very much enjoying reading it.
9/21 c5 jaqmaq77
Awe... colour me disappointed... Is it bad that I wanted Fleur to burn Rita's hair off?
Great chapter though... I will get over my disappointment.
9/21 c4 jaqmaq77
Loved it with a capital 'L'... Really well done...
9/21 c3 jaqmaq77
Another great chapter - I need to slow down the reading as I will soon run out of your words... I am really enjoying this story, and I think when I reach your last I will go read it again as it's just so good.
I'm trying to figure where you are going but no luck so far...
9/21 c2 jaqmaq77
Good chapter - I love the letters back and forth... they fit the story perfectly. I was hoping The Delacour's would rescue Harry and take him to France, but that's one I read a while ago... Love the stories where Harry does something that screws up Dumbledore's plans... and stories that bash the Weasley's... If there is one character in canon I wanted to die a long, slow painful death, it was Ron... And in all my research, I still can't find the drug JK was on when she paired Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny... whatever it was, it must have been super strong... cause that was some trip she was on... I bet she read it and cursed herself... Ron/Hermione... it's like Juliet telling Romeo she fancies the local rat-catcher...
9/21 c1 jaqmaq77
Interesting and very entertaining read, excellent for a first chapter.
Looking forward to reading till I'm up to date... lets see, simple math.
21 chapters in 3 year 5 months is... 41 months so a loose average is a chapter every 2 months... must be bout due then... with luck it will be out by the time I catch up.
But on the upside - reasonably big chapters. 116,022 /21... around 5,500 words a chapter I think?
Keep the chin up and enjoy your writing...
9/19 c10 JustinOtherFictionFan
I really loved your writing of the second task. The extra personality you gave Gabrielle was a lovely touch. I feel you are doing an excellent job of toeing the line between building the romance and going full lemon. Nicely done.
9/19 c21 Randomly Talented
That was intense. Felt like it happened too quickly, but it was intense either way.
9/14 c3 segir
i love how you end this. she gives the vibe of "hold my beer"
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