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2/21/2018 c7 Dovack
It is well Written but I don't like plot. Overall ok up to this point.
2/21/2018 c10 ErzaBrightscales
I just finished reading this(up to the current chapter, anyway...) And I love this! This is amazing! I love how you portray the characters, and the romance is beautiful. And the addition of the letters is simply ingenious. Great job!
2/20/2018 c10 1Arnie1701
Great take on the Second Task! Gabbi is just too cute, LOL! A Mini-Marauder, hehe.
2/20/2018 c10 Mutant Ascension
Nicely done.
2/20/2018 c8 Mutant Ascension
Nicely done with the task and the arrangements made with the twins I look forward to seeing what Fleur and Harry will invent. And the marriage was finally consummated.
2/19/2018 c4 Mutant Ascension
Well I definitely did not see that coming.
2/19/2018 c3 Mutant Ascension
Interesting ritual and I'm guessing that Harry didn't the magic in his blood from his mother's protection would not cause any issues with Fleur or what the ritual is?
2/19/2018 c2 Mutant Ascension
Oh Harry
2/19/2018 c1 Mutant Ascension
Okay I like this so far Hedwig definitely helped Harry out you gotta love that owl. And his friend ship with Fleur is definitely sweet and at least he has told someone about how his relatives treat him.
2/18/2018 c10 4Hivedragon
Damn talk about team work in this chapter, I wonder if the Hogsmeade incident will return in a latter chapter.
2/16/2018 c10 1phhsdj
How was it Valen times day already.
2/16/2018 c10 8Digitize27
You know Krum's Bulgarian, not German, right?
2/16/2018 c10 Yana5
2/16/2018 c10 81DJ Rodriguez
Now this was worth the wait! I really hope and pray that your international move is one that is positive and beneficial to you. Its not easy I believe to move somewhere else, let alone to a new place entirely like what you are experiencing! But hearing that you are pulling it together, and also not abandoning this story tells me that you are doing well! And hopefully you will thrive, as well as your story here!

It seems that Fleur and Harry are coming together nicely. They have their ups and downs, but thankfully more up than down for the both of them. They and the other Champions work hard in their endeavors together, and also it was cute on how Gabrielle basically told Harry that she wanted to marry him and just had to wait for Fleur to age. Heh, sibling love like that... gotta love it!

Excellent work all around! Keep it up!
2/15/2018 c10 Tarix
Wonderful and sweet chapter. So far its been a great pleasure to read the story.
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