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1/29/2018 c6 Guest
Great job so far. The letters always felt a bit short and it has developed fast but you have really made it work the last couple chapters.
1/29/2018 c7 Ronin Kenshin
great work its cool how their relationship continues to develop great work
1/29/2018 c1 darickb
A great start to a story about a pairing I have always loved. I look forward to reading the next chapter. Cheers!
1/29/2018 c7 Gime'SS
thanks for the update
1/29/2018 c7 EmperorKhan
Nicely done! I could see Draco doing the Marilyn Monroe thing trying to cover her - himself up, LOL. I could see Harry figuring out to use Accio Broom after using Accio on Fleur's clothes.
1/29/2018 c7 1Fredek
Yeeeah, another chapter!

I am beginning to look more and more for another chapters.

In this one I really like how you explained what Fleur planned to do, much better than canon "she put it to sleep". It's also great to see H/Fl spending time with other people, I wonder if they will reflect how more people appear in their lives since they've got together. Overall I've enjoyed the chapter a lot, the relationship stuff the most, ofc.

Keep up the good work,

1/29/2018 c7 LifeIsAGreatAdventure
Nicely done. Obviously the repost worked. A couple of thoughts for future work via PM shortly. thanks loads for your hard work on this, looking forward to future installments.
1/29/2018 c7 1Arnie1701
Draco, hehehe. Fleur should definitely be an honorary Marauder. :)
1/29/2018 c2 4Foreal The Chronicler
You're exactly right. This is exactly what Harry/Fleur needed. Cannot wait for more!
1/28/2018 c6 IrishNewton
Love your story!
1/26/2018 c6 Guest
love it
1/28/2018 c1 5jamnaz79
Very cute story so far.
1/28/2018 c6 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Well, this has been very enjoyable read. Looking forward to next chapter.

You have earned yourself a Fav with this fic.
1/28/2018 c4 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Oh god, this chapter was brilliant. It caught me by surprise and left me feeling giddy.
1/28/2018 c2 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Very nice, quality has not dropped, that is always good.
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