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7/17 c17 RunOnSentences
What’s the point of Abadan kedavra if you just keep the horcux in him anyway?
7/17 c21 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Wow, quite the fight scene. Thanks for sharing!
7/16 c21 Rebmul
this seems rushed
7/16 c21 1DragonsBC
Nice Christmas scene and quick explanation on your enchanting methods. I do wonder if one of the teachers used silver chains instead of spikes to save the poor werewolves from the mean students? Good job using Luna to provoke the students, not many do. Keep up the good work.
7/16 c21 1Arnie1701
Nice take on the final battle. LOL, Hagrid, LOL.
7/16 c21 14RenaJo
It's like my birthday came early
7/7 c20 Erinnyes01
Just found this story and binged the whole thing in two days. I'm embarrassed to say I didn't get as much done today as I should, but I somehow regret nothing.

A work all the way through. I can't even begin to express the many and varied ways I enjoyed the story, except to say that you nailed it. Your characters learn and grow and develop, Harry in particular didn't magically get over his trauma in five minutes but nor did he behave like a caricature of an angst muffin for 50 straight chapters. Similarly, when they were married Harry was desperate for physical affection but they didn't jump into everything immediately. You ran a brilliant balance between them being 100% on board with everything immediately, and Harry being a blushing mess for months.

Brilliant work all the way through, and your handling of the tri-wizard tournament was fantastic. It was unique in a setting where there's been thousands of writers covering the same ground, and that's no mean feat to begin with, but it was also just a joy to read. The champions back to back in the graveyard was a scene I'd pay MONEY to see in a theater.

I could go on and on and on, but I'll summarize simply as fantastic job. You've been killing it from start to end, and I can't wait to see more of it.
6/29 c1 2Nightshade4316
This is a nicely done start, almost unbelievable that it's your first attempt at writing. Thank you so much for providing us with another well written Flowerpot fic!
6/22 c20 Jacob Phantom
Please update your story soon!
6/21 c7 Mitkon2001
Man, I love this story! I think it’s one of the best Fleur/Harry stories here on ff I’ve ever read.
6/20 c1 16nagiten
quesiton when did harry cage hedwig up? when you first mention her she headbutting him and free so when does he cage her? also why did he go to the lions? i thought with fleur and how she siad she liked charms he would go to the ravens/eagles easier to learn charms and get fleur a chance to learn from a charm master too ,also how did albus learn bout dobby? and why was hedwig able to get fleur her letter and no one else? also it would of bene more dramatic if dobby blocked harry reply or fleur reply and make the two worry and fret and possibly fleur go looking for her arry

this is a interesting story and take on the couple
6/13 c20 Jim-Bowb
Thank you.

This is my favorite Harry/Fleur story. I'm delighted to see it's still "alive".

I do have one question if I may be so bold.

In chapter five when they were telling Rita Skeeter how they met; I wondered why you didn't have them say that they'd been pen-pals since before Harry started Hogwarts. I think it would have served them well to get that narrative out.


6/11 c12 jimmy.oz
Doesn't that mean that sirius wont be able to be free if he can't remember things.
6/9 c20 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next
6/9 c11 2pavook
I'm not a fan of that fight. Who was there except Wormtail and Voldy? It was shown only vaguely. Was he by himself really such trouble for Harry and later Fleur? Fleur should be able to dodge AK or transfigure a rock or something in the way, as should Harry. They trained, no need for Harry to throw his body in the way.

And sending 2 able wizards away with an unknown situation on hand is foolish, why did they even agreed, they are older, why deference to Harry? For all they know moving away separately could get them killed easier than they would ever find any help without them knowing where they are. Harry didn't win against basilisk because of tactical brilliance so why should they listen to his commands? The battle itself was a bit lacking some details, but it was a chaotic battlefield, so I would give it a pass. Interesting touch with Hedwig, very unexpected.

After all, seems like a cheap way to catch a killing curse for Harry. I didn't get the feeling it was necessary. Especially when the 3 champions later managed to battle about 10 attackers likely as skilled as Pettigrew throwing the same curses. I'm also unsure why Voldy didn't have more people on hand immediately there and a better plan, he sure must have known that there is a real risk of at least one more person appearing there with Harry and very tittle of him showing alone.

Zero reaction to bloodied body missing a leg? Sure Peter looked a bit ratty so people might not recognize him right away, but it's still somewhat lackluster leaving him to Dumbledore with no one noticing or explaining a thing.
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