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for GATE: Of Dragons and a Spirit of Fire

7/12 c28 2HyperionATLAS
gg to the empire, gg the existing nation states back on earth
6/29 c28 Luke
It would be awesome for the infinity and its escorts appear but the story is cool overall
6/30 c19 Axccel
It’s funny how you seem to have a hate-boner for the US, the only superpower in history not to abuse its power to control, dominate, and take from everyone weaker. To be fair, every nation in the Gate series are power-hungry psychopaths…

Bet Cutter’s glad they’re from a different Earth, one hopefully more sane than the weird one in Gate. I mean seriously, from the manga I think even Palpatine would be like “Wow, you guys are messed up.”
6/30 c18 Axccel
This behavior right here is why even the Japanese fans of the series call it out on its insane political landscape and the greed of Japan in it. A lot like that manga about a Japanese fictional modern aircraft carrier ending up in the past in WW2 and constantly screwing up important battles for the allies all while its crew doesn’t want to interfere with the war. The Japanese readers are not largely ignorant of the Empire’s behavior back then and were not happy.
6/30 c25 Axccel
I surprised you split introducing a unit into two chapters. Would be nice to have them together and ending with a mission to demonstrate their effectiveness and provide a starting point for further development.

The people, including soldiers, of Russia and China and any nation really don’t usually care about someone else’s nationality. They’re not politicians.

I know you want to add international hostility to make for drama, but it just doesn’t work that way. Having Americans and Russians and Chinese working together wouldn’t be a problem. The politicians would be. Just like how American and Russian citizens like each other but the governments do not and everyone is eye-rolling behind their leaders’ backs.
6/30 c26 Axccel
Nothing really happened in this chapter. Well-written but a chapter shouldn’t be empty and should always strive to further the plot.

“At the expense of the unity of the world”. No, first there is no world unity only mutual benefit and cooperation. Second, oh, I’m sorry, should nations who want to live in peace sit back and allow tyrants and aggressive countries have what they need to effectively enslave others around them on claims of “X has been part of us since ancient times” or that annex places that have what they want despite only needing to have basic decency and uphold their bargains to have access to it anyway? You have two first world countries going out of their way to attack everyone else out of greed and ego and a bunch of third world countries whose leaders are incapable of comprehending anything beyond their own hubris and selfishness.

Don’t go talking like it’s everyone trying to dominate each other, it isn’t remotely true.

I doubt oil tycoons would be against advanced hydrogen engines. Rather, they would want to be in on the next big thing as soon as possible to protect their businesses from obsolescence.
6/27 c28 Ghostly
To Dragon Man 180:
The Spirit of Fire doesn’t have shields.
6/28 c26 6SilverExcel115
I take that back, my fanfiction keeps posting the same chapter over and over again. I feel bad now.
6/28 c28 SilverExcel115
Dude, you have literally posted the same chapter for the past three chapters.
6/28 c10 N1cok
If the jet is going faster than the speed of sound. Then the cannon rounds would hit the dragon, and the jet would fly over before they heard the sounds. You wrote that the jet and the cannon rounds were heard before the jet flew over and before the cannon rounds hit the dragon.

Otherwise good chapter.
6/28 c28 Tony Miguel
Hey I'm loving the story but im confused why two chapters are exactly the same
6/28 c28 1AscendedHumanity
Um was this re-eddited and uploaded, bc I swear I already read this chapter before
6/27 c27 3kamikage86
Wil you add all the Omakes I think some are missing?
6/27 c28 naufalrakha0104
Where the chapter?
6/27 c28 12Pkd
To the folks confused by the update.

It's chapter "Impaling a Dragon" and "RnR Part 3". Sorry for the confusion but I somehow forgot to upload these chapters prior.
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