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for Who Are the Crystal Gems?

11/13 c36 Guest
HabrĂ¡ alguna posibilidad de que hagas steven universe future?
9/11 c36 2Bennie-Tennyson
Instead of the movie you could do Steven universe future for a sequel? Just a suggestion.
7/14 c36 Guest
Its fine and thanks for this wonderful fix :)
7/11 c32 palli
well battle of heart and mind was originally supposed to be longer but episodes were cut because a lot of countries pulled their funding, because of the gay wedding
5/1 c36 Brasil
Eu amei isso muito obrigado por fazer essa fanfic/ I loved it so much for making this fanfic
3/28 c36 teedybsg
Can you do the finale
3/18 c2 3Hoxton The Fugitive
Can you do a Watching the Series fanfic for me?

It's about a crossover between the game PAYDAY 2 and Steven Universe,and the entire town of Beach City watching it,even Homeworld.

Also,if you want to anything about the PAYDAY 2 lore just ask me.

3/3 c1 25bmidd111
The letter said L, but the person is supposed to be Spinel from the movie. I get that her whole character is different in this and everything, but could you change it to at least say S instead?
2/28 c36 Me
Ignore what anyone else says. I love this the way it is.
2/24 c36 Oof
;p; Sad, I really loved this fanfic, the reactions, I was actually hoping you did the movie, since you didnt and i can;t change ur mind, heres a thing if you want actually do it : You change the fanfic to make you be the narrator, and the copy right? It's been a long time since the fanfic was posted so i dunno, you could maybe make a new fanfic? Even if you dont do it, I really loved this fanfic, all the other watching SU fics are kinda bad ngl
1/15 c36 1Fangrill3
Hey, I understand why you've decided not to do the movie. But would you consider SU future? I'm especially wanting to see a reaction to "Prickly Pear". So if you could eve do just that one it'd be great. Thanks for writing what you did though, these types of fics are so hard to come by!
1/13 c35 Wolf quartz
I love this! i was just wondering... are you going to do some of the episodes from into the future?
11/7/2019 c1 Pigdhkkgddhkvfg
Will you do episodes of Steven Universe Future?
10/31/2019 c2 12Gold Testament
The butterflies were always hilarious even if you saw that episode like 10 times.
9/24/2019 c36 Guest
all right then we will spam you then JK XD
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