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4/12 c26 LAB1
I really enjoyed the bulk of this story, but not the last few chapters. It went from quite wholesome Anne of Green Gables to Anne with an E awful pretty quick there. The whole feel of the story was very abrupt and so out of the feel of canon that it felt wrong. Really I'd take the last few chapters and make them an outtake as they really don't fit and are offputting. I would not have read this story if I had any idea where you were going in the end.
7/9/2021 c26 1leafwing2
It was really good. Anne having a brother definitely was interesting. Joe is a good guy but why did you make him gay? I realize love is love but it seems unnecessary. And a bit out of place in the times they lived in. I was written very well. And I liked it.
9/3/2020 c11 Denie1943
So glad you didn't cling to the 5 yr sentence. This is s very good story. Thanks for sharing...Stay well!
5/1/2020 c24 12MrsVonTrapp
I did have a review for this previously, and lost it, so I am about as unhappy as Joe has been!

I remember I gave you a running commentary of thoughts, so I might try to recreate that again.

You created a really supportive and caring character in Ben, and one Joe is lucky to have in his orbit. Things could have gotten even worse very, very quickly without his affable down to earth response, which is reassuring only as a temporary measure, because the rub is Ben is still understanding this as a temporary thing that will pass for Joe in time. Therefore there is no stigma attached to his revelation per se. It advice is helpful, but to a point.

I am relieved that Sam Sloane showed his true colors and that goodness trumped looks for Joe there, but at the same time I am unnecessarily diverted by the thought anyone would have their "loins stirred" by Moody and his unfortunate ears. I wonder also at Joe's detachment regarding his attraction - "I've moved on" - and the fact that he is only at this stage attracted to boys he knows marginally, and not, say, handsome helpful Gilbert whom he knows far better.

That trip through some very unfortunate Bible passages was very potent, and really underlined Joe's agony, and thank you for reminding me how beautiful the Song of Solomon is.

And now... back to Charlottetown. Aunt Jo does excellent work with all these sexually confused young men, Cole included. And goodness knows I'd rather be there than with the harvest. But Joe is at a very precipitate stage. Will he even want to come back?!
4/20/2020 c26 Guest
commovente ,commovente ,commovente no c'e' niente altro da aggiungere ...grazie
4/20/2020 c23 MrsVonTrapp
I'm so awfully sorry, I did have "Look at Me" Kath and Kim flashes there. Sorry, Joe.

In all seriousness, this is a heartwrenching problem and really lovingly handled. Joe's building desire for Sam is explored in a direct and physical way, with a very male-gaze emphasis on body parts - almost a mental dismembering, or a hyper-focus on the puzzle pieces rather than the whole. It is a very effective contrast to the type of hearts-and-flowers infatuation that a teen Anne might have, and the sort of attraction usually ascribed to girls.

But, oh! The physicality is still easier to manage than the mixed and confusing emotions! The added difficulty of religion here and the idea of sinning that Joe feels (a very effective trip through those disagreeable Bible passages too) is really wrenching. But not as much as his growing gulf with his family, just at the point where he thought he had found his place. That strikes me as the saddest part of this arc, and I know already it will get worse before it gets better :(
4/14/2020 c22 MrsVonTrapp
As someone with a healthy wariness of horses (and disturbing memories of an ill-advised Horse Camp back in Year 8 (I really should have chosen that school trip to the Grampians...) I am very much in sympathy with Joe and Anne's various experiences here, though Gilbert and later Fred are patient, encouraging and good-natured instructors.

There is an easy camaraderie now between the boys that is nicely highlighted here, and I think it is this as much as the injustice of girls unable to ride horses - something which the beginning of AwaE's Season 3 contravenes to beautiful effect - that fires Anne. Joe's first (and exceedingly lucky!) ride and especially the exhilarating speed and freedom he enjoys are charming, and his latter physical woes amusing.

Your different ploy for Anne's sprained ankle after having avoided that roof escapade was a great update, and whether intended or no, I loved the effective symbolism of Anne trying without adequate riding equipment on her own - and stalling badly through that injury - whereas Joe had patient instruction and a happy, enjoyable experience. There's the story of the unequal opportunities for men as opposed to women right there! Horse riding as metaphor is as good an example of this as any!
4/13/2020 c7 MARISTELLA
Joe violinista, adoro tutto questa
4/13/2020 c14 maristella
anche Marilla ha delle sorprese ,e si commuove ...BENE!
4/13/2020 c18 maristella
it's really funny the misunderstanding that Anna has about procreation but it's nice to see that Marilla is up to managing the situation (this brings us closer to modernity, it's OK). Finally Anna has the certainty that she can trust, and she begins to tell her story, Marilla is shocked and holds her tears (while mine go down, and they don't hold them back) she can only embrace her, but finally she lets herself go while the conversation is going back Matthew
and the tears flow freely ... this scene is super moving
4/13/2020 c19 maristella
here we understand very well that Diana's mother does not tolerate the relationship she has with Anna, and also her intolerance for Marilla herself, but in the end she will apologize to them, we know why, but here in this chapter you don't understand, why? ... I'm thinking of a reader who knows nothing
4/13/2020 c20 maristella
while marilla and Matthew express themselves for the love they feel for their children, and the concern for Anna's exuberance turns out that Marilla as a girl was also quite lively, while she defines herself to have been "a model of virtue" , this statement amuses Mtthew, and we readers too, to learn that Marilla's childhood was not absolutely sad
4/13/2020 c22 maristella
my mother would have said who is the cause of her ill cry himself ... here is what happens to disobey, but Marilla and Matthew are very protective of their children but at the same time compassionate, the beauty of this situation is that there is also the comic side
4/13/2020 c21 maristella
I finally understood that I can write my opinion in this box (better late than never) I had already anticipated this way of explaining situations by letter I like "immensely"
it makes everything much faster without having to explain everything with lengths that sometimes bore ... we resend the next chapter
4/10/2020 c21 MrsVonTrapp
The intrigue of introducing Josephine Barry to proceedings! She certainly is a good value substitute to the harvest, for anyone I should imagine. In this different universe it is interesting how she seems to take the most shine to Joe as a possible Kindred Spirit, bonding over music. This slightly bears out my own hypothesis, still being explored, regarding whether Anne was needed as the lynchpin for the Cuthberts, or would any needy child have forged a similar affectionate bond?

Things move quickly, culminating in a visit to Charlottetown, charmingly described by both Marilla and Anne. The Magic Lantern Show was a brilliant expedition to outline and the unique sort of thing one could only really experience in the city. Indeed, Joe is clearly appreciative of not only Miss Barry and her generosity but of the big-city experience himself; his world is widening all the time with all those music engagements, and as I already have one eye on the end of this story I wonder how long it will be before those big-city (lamp!) lights become more of a draw...

And Marilla and Aunt Jo?! I think I've read that one somewhere ;)
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