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for Star Wars: The Sayian Queen

4/23 c4 Lonel
WHERE DAFUQ IS GOKU AND VEGETA other than that its goof
11/9/2019 c1 Guest
The Saiyan home world is called vegeta, as is their king, and prince
2/5/2018 c4 8Robo Reader 21
How about no relation at all. The Force and Ki in DBZ are two very different animals. It’s like comparing a lion and a bear. The only commonality they have is that they are fierce and dangerous animals. And please don’t buff up the Force and it’s users. That is just cheap and ruins crossovers.
1/31/2018 c2 2pus in boots
what gives them the right to about to attack her just cause she angry that her dam planet not the dam jedi they have no control
1/31/2018 c3 8Robo Reader 21
Needs some work but it’s intriguing.

I really hope it’s not the Force they are sensing and they are simply confusing it. If she can go Super Sayian, she can blow up planets easy. Something Force users can’t do.

I wonder if Tomo trains her people in how to harness their ki?

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