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for Hear me Roar

2/3 c1 19CarawynO
Awww, how lovely! Perfect characterization of them both, and of Flint.
6/12/2018 c1 Dejede
I just binge watched the entire series over 6 days. I didn’t give this show a chance and I glad I didn’t. The wait for each episode would have killed me. This was a great one shot!
5/28/2018 c1 11Sharzdah
Aw, so cute. Especially at the end. Great job!
1/30/2018 c1 Lacontreras
That was awesome! Loved it, glad to see Madi having a baby. :) Hope you pen some more for us.
1/28/2018 c1 16MoparGirl1
Awe, you make me blush! My favorite canon pairing! I'm so glad you decided to post this and yes I will take full credit! Haha!

As for more? Yes please?

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