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4/23/2020 c11 4RhagesWraith
Hey everyone! I know it's been a while since I have updated this story. I had to get a few other thing done before I could take time to write again. This story had me at a stand still for some time. I wasnt sure which way I wanted it to go but my muse has returned. I am currently writing the next chapter and hopefully I'll have it posted by next week. Thank you all for the continued support and faith in this story it means the would to me. Xoxo Rhage
4/22/2020 c11 mtillm21
Please continue I would like to see how this play out
5/30/2019 c11 Lori Baker
5/30/2019 c7 Lori Baker
I like this story I hope all of yours are like this ill check them out after this one.
1/27/2019 c11 5Veraozao
love it, kiss
1/21/2019 c11 Dingmamon
A wonderful continuation of the story! I really enjoyed the flashback, showing Sesshoumaru's kinder side just as it began to show itself, and can't wait to read more. Your writing is continuing to improve and I wish you the best on it!
1/18/2019 c11 PawnStarr
Thank you! I’ve been waiting and anticipating. Now I have some back stories between sesshomaru and Kouga and what happened centuries ago so put the dots together. Keep it up!
1/18/2019 c1 Dswin83
Keep the updates coming
1/18/2019 c11 7Raven's Serenity
Very juicy and I can't wait until the next chapter. Love, love, love this story.
12/24/2018 c3 2SailorMoonFanGirl
kagome is a demon now like sesshomaru :)
12/24/2018 c2 SailorMoonFanGirl
yay this was really good. can't wait to read the next parts :)
12/23/2018 c1 SailorMoonFanGirl
omg this is really good. can't wait to read the next chapter :)
7/3/2018 c10 16Godricsgrl89
im sorry about your uncle. your story is really good. im sure he would be proud.
6/23/2018 c10 Nikichan
I am sorry for your lost. Your uncle is an amazing person. Don't let his memory be in vain. Keep doing what you do best and what he's always encouraged you to do. Always do your best for yourself and in honor of him. You have deepest sympathy!️
6/24/2018 c10 Meenathequeen
my condolences to you and your family. this was a great chapter and dedication to your uncle. always remember and keep his encouragement to heart as long as you live cause he believed and had faith in your talent. never give up on it. happy memories sweetie and see you next chapter. until then much love from my heart to yours.
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