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5/18/2021 c6 71Claude le noctambule
Wow, I woud said it's been a while since a story grasp my heart with so much strenght.

Even if it took me a bit of times to get used to the american dub names, the way you handled Korogo...(cough)...fine...the way you've handled Richard's voice was damn impressive... Ran's dad was already one of my favorite character in canon, but you've trully pictured as a three dimensionnal human being, filled with many nuance, neither sympathic nor despisable, and that's how we love him...

I've also loved the focus on the relationship between Ran and her father, wouldn't call it a deconstruction of the idea of a young teenage girl living with a drunkyard manchild's more a deepening and an exploration, even with the bitterness we could tastes in the air, there were a sweetness deep inside... and it was heartwarming to see Ran as an adorable daddy girl worried for her poor excuse of a father while handling his flaws on a daily basis...

The lemony narration was absolutly hilarious and once again, so suited to Richard's mental fingerprints, I could trully picture him narrating in this way while drinking a beer...

Megure's relationship with his ancient colleagues was also a nice bonus, and definitly a rare threat as far as the average fanfiction goes...

Kogoro being suspicious about Conan is kind of a classical theme, now, but I think your story is trully the masterpiece of the genre.

Now, it's just my bias showing, but I hope we would reach the stage of Haibara's apperance, I'm pretty curious to see her through Kogoro's eyes... but well, your story, your rules, I guess...

Thanks for this story, and sorry for my awkward english...

(and now, I've 3 more chapters to read...)
4/15/2021 c9 38bajy
Love it!
4/9/2021 c9 Interesting View
Rather like the story, I recall picking it up when it was first posted. Its a fun concept that is rather interesting to read. I rather enjoy the suspicions of the investigation and am curious to see where it all goes.
4/9/2021 c9 1BLINIX
Ah, another chapter, loving this series, the interactions in the Mouri family and the way things are being told. Haven't seen DC, specially the older chapters for a while, but I can't remember linking them as much as this story, sure they were interesting but the real thing were the movies, like the count down to heaven, for me this story has some of the serious aspects of those.

The focus on Richard is probably one of the better decisions... for some reason now the theme in my mind has been changed to a noire one.

I feel like it fits better when Richard is Alone because of how heavy it feels at times, the series was really light in the fact that Richard is a troubled man, a good man, but with real problems and is just beggining to heal from them.

Kudos and looking foward to next chapter.
3/6/2021 c8 BLINIX
What can I say? I love this take on the DC series. It feels more real and heavy. Also was awesome to read this from Kogoro (Richard) POV, he's most of the time a fool in the series that reading this more serious take on him is nice.
Looking foward to more.
1/27/2021 c8 38bajy
great job here!
1/22/2021 c8 ForestShadeau
Thanks for the hard work love the story _
12/24/2020 c1 Well-Wisher

From me and all your loyal readers - wishing you a very happy holiday, wherever you might be. May the new year find you - and all of us - in a better headspace this this one.
11/9/2020 c1 26Halfpenny
(I don't usually post on the review page, but lol this is too funny to ignore. XD Neyane, you posted the exact same comment two years ago, bro. If you haven't gotten over it by now, it's probably not going to happen. You really don't have to push yourself so hard. Your best bet is either to download it and copy/paste in the Japanese names or just move on. I promise you my fic isn't special enough to deserve this kind of angst.

Thank you to everyone who has left a review these past couple of years - I promise I cherish them and am grateful for feedback!)
11/8/2020 c1 50Neyane
This fic looks interesting... But it's really hard to read with the USA's version's names u_u I'll probably try again later, but that looks really funny, especially from the others reviews I've seen.
11/3/2020 c7 38bajy
great job here!
10/13/2020 c6 bajy
great job here
10/9/2020 c6 ForestShadeau
Thanks for the hard work love the story _
5/19/2020 c5 ForestShadeau
Thanks for the hard work love the story _
Please don't drop _
5/3/2020 c5 bajy
Interesting so far
Will there be more chapters soon?
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