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9/9/2020 c2 Snake551g
so the little shit just sorta drops his parents for some dead fuckers that left him for the claws of a bunch of idiotic villagers. obvious as hell your mc has some fucking mental issues
8/18/2020 c1 Romeo Jaramillo
Hey can you do naruto crossover to ratchet and clank please
8/17/2020 c4 godhades22
Another good chapter although it's seem kind of short but it looked like it was preparation for the next fight. Aurumon seem like a nice choice for his army with all his scouting skills like Naruto said information is vital in any war.

If I could suggest another partner maybe Meicoomon from Digimon tri but being a normal Digimon an following it's normal evolution path I believe that kind of Digimon could be useful. Anyway nice chapter please continue.
8/17/2020 c3 Guest
This is a good story I like how Naruto is able to fight alongside his Digimon partners and army without seeming op. You have very interesting suggestions for his future army and once they reach mega they are going to be extremely powerful. If you are taking suggestions maybe you could add Ludomon to the army to be a rival for Zubamon and that way when they reach their final evolution maybe they can combine with Naruto to make their Fusion evolution I think that could work since Zubamon has already recognized Naruto as a suitable welder for himself and the same could happen with Ludomon. Another suggestion I would like to see is the Kinkakumon and Ginkakumon brother sister combo one way they could meet is as enemies hired by the Braga army but then Kinkakumon falls in love with Naruto or something like that. My other suggestion are Ceresmon as a mobile fortress as they are traveling the zones, maybe some pieces from the Chessmons and Sanzomon. That's all for now I hope you continue writing for this story.
8/17/2020 c3 godhades22
I really liked this story it's hard to find a good Digimon fanfic with this kind of theme and I believe you do a good job doing it. It's nice to see Naruto fight alongside his partner Digimon without being op and you seem to balance it well with MegaMan BN it gives him a uniqueness in comparison to the other generals.

I like the army of digimons that are going to join him and once they reach their mega forms that are going to be extremely powerful and even then it seems to be very varied and resourseful, if you are taking suggestions for other Digimon to joins I could suggest Ludomon he could be a rival and friend of Zubamon and maybe as an idea once they reach their mega evolution they could fusion with Naruto with something similar to what they did in tamers I think it could work since Zubamon has already acknowledge Naruto as his wielder and in that Fusion each of them is independent. Another could be the Kinkakumon and Ginkakumon brother sister pair they could be enemies send by the Braga army or anything you want but then Kinkakumon falls in love with Naruto and now chases him or joins him.

Since in this story there's already Mervamon and Neptunemon they could find Ceresmon being attacked by the Braga army and once they rescue her they could travel alongside her as a moving base in the zone. Other could be the Chessmons for their number and they could be used in war and finally Sanzomon. This is all I have for now I hope you keep writing for this story.
8/13/2020 c6 Guest
The Digimon series was a fan favorite of mine when I was a kid hope you keep updating.
8/13/2020 c5 Guest
Naruto's army is going to be OP when they reach there mega forms.
8/14/2020 c6 Dylan-A-Friend
8/12/2020 c6 Draegoon
an amazing chapter! mostly just an intro to the new arc but great nonetheless! and training for MOAR POWA!
8/12/2020 c6 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
8/12/2020 c6 18HyperA2019
I am looking foward to Chapter 7 and it be interesting if Renamon joins Naruto.
8/9/2020 c5 2Shirou Emiya1
Lilamon's ultra level rosemon
5/29/2020 c5 11thunderofdeath97
i feel like there's possibly a few more digimon that could be added, that would be good, maybe a few humans to for some balance or something
5/29/2020 c2 thunderofdeath97
ophanimon? lilithmon? crusadermon? kazemon? zephyrmon? rosemon? female magnamon ? female flamedramon ? minervamon ? venusmon ?
3/25/2020 c3 3AadenHelan
Bellestarmon i see, so you are a man of culture as well

hope you upate it tho
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