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8/12 c45 18MayoTango131
Oh boy, that is what I call an unexpected ending. I really can't wait.
8/9 c45 Guest
Great job man on this amazing story
8/9 c45 463Zarius
A most intriguing point brought about basing too much within one perimeter like NYC, looking forward to where you take that. As for the rest of the chapter, short in length, but just as packed with detail. Sometimes things in life move just as quickly.
8/9 c45 2Rivet94
not bad let's see how it unfolds
8/9 c45 tl34lt12
And you're back

So we Doing Battleworld again or Conquest of champions based on this ending?

The 3 main Spider Villains are back again

Times proven that the Clone Saga is the catalyst for the decline of Spider-man since Norman and Jackal still being alive.

And Otto, well he should have had his Alfred Molina moment of redemption.

Also how's your time with the Quarantine? Growing boredom is the issue lately.
8/8 c45 11Jokermask18
Another good chapter. I also have a couple other things I'd like to talk about, if that's okay.
8/8 c45 20Death Fury
good chapter
7/28 c44 Guest
This is fantastic great job man
7/26 c21 Guest
This is fantastic great job man
7/16 c44 Ranmoon Man
In this Chapter, many things happen:

First Avengers try to contain one evil group, The Blue Orb Squad (¡Really evil, they are evil versions of heroes we know, and also with more power than the ones we know!), failing on it. (One question, Who is MODAK?).
It seems that this Group is after Jessica Drew and Miles Morales.

When Blue Orb Squad appears at Baxter Building, they fight against Fantastic Four, and although they were wining easily, between Sue (who contents the Villains in one of her Force Fields), and Reed who uses one of his inventions, the villains are send to their Dimension.

In the Last Chapter we had seen Kaine injured and being carried to Peter and MJ House by Aracely.
April, May and Aracely were concerned by him. (Peter and Aunt May try to encourage them).
Cindy speaks TOO MUCH, in my humble opinion. (Asking Aracely if she and Kaine have
had Sex).
Although he isnt the only one offended or the only one that Says something to her, When Ben listened to her, he is angry and criticized Cindy.
Ben and Cindy after that begin a discussion. THESE TWO, WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THEM?.
Miguel and Anya had a Good idea taking April and May out of there.

After that discussion we see that Aracely was under Stress. (¡Very good, Ben and Cindy!).

And just after Mary Jane Says: "it could have gone worse", appears Jessica Drew (who continues calling Peter COWARD), Miles Morales and the Fantastic Four (¡ Parker Luck !).

It doesnt surprise me that Mary Jane Gets Angry. and then Jessica says that "this doesnt involve you" speaking to her. Mary Jane answers her that if she insults her husband it clearly involves her. (Jessica, You have made a Great Mistake).

Reed and Jessica explain what has happened in the Baxter Building. Aunt May thinks that the Blue orb Squad could be the ones that attacked Aracely and Kaine.

Peter thinks that what happened in his Birthday isnt Nothing compared to what is going to happen, and better compare what happened between Aracely, Kaine and Jessica, Miles and Fantastic Four (and although he doesnt know by the moment, he also could compare with Avengers).

Aracely and Kaine have one interesting conversation (Aracely says him that she loves him,
but Kaine answer that she deserves someone better than him). He doesnt seem happy at knowing they are at Peter and MJ house.

I am afraid of Spider Reaper (One Question, during "Shattered dimensions", Peter and MJ didnt find one Spider Reaper?).

What is going to happen to everything that was inside the Bubble?.

Another question: Morlun and his Family are going to appear in this Spider-Verse?
7/16 c44 463Zarius
I think you could polish up a bit of the dialouge, for example MJ saying "you barraging into my home and InsulTING my husband makes it my business" rather than just "insult"
7/8 c44 2Rivet94
sorry to say but i didn't like this chapter , it was fine in general, but I think have issues with the arc itself , compared to other remade arcs, i feel it drags a little too much and the villain is a bit too edgy . I get the shattered grid reference but I just...don't know . the writing itself is still great though I am iffy on both the aracely/ Kaine thing, because of the age gap, and the Ben/ Cindy situation which is still questionable since you kept the hormone drive. I still love this fic but I have to point these stuff out
7/8 c44 tl34lt12
1: Glad you are back at this

2: I may need a quick recap reading first to get the context of this arc again.

3:So another evil squad is here, well that is interesting and brutal
7/8 c44 20Death Fury
good chapter
7/7 c44 11Jokermask18
Another good chapter! The things said about the Blue Orb squad's respectives worlds intrigue me.
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