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1/20 c14 CapturedEmotion
Your writing is so captivating. I found this story last night and was up until 2 AM devouring it. I can't wait for more. Great job!
12/30/2020 c9 2-Years
Well this moment is either going to end wonderfully or terribly.
How do you come up with so many details and unscientific comparisons between things that can’t technically compare?! It’s delightful. (It also makes me a little jealous that I can’t do things like taste color, but one can hope.)
12/30/2020 c8 2-Years
You packed a lot into this chapter. I don’t know how you slipped in so many shades of guilt, fear, and anger without it seeming repetitive, but you did, so huzzah for you! The Champions showed up again, they really are loyal! Will everyone have a tantrum again, or will they actually TALK things out this time?
12/21/2020 c14 Hadrian.Caeser
12/21/2020 c14 3TriforceHero626
Is this the last chapter of the story?
12/7/2020 c6 MasterKogha
Typhoid ruins is that dark place in BOTW? I always avoided it. I wonder how Zelda will see and hopefully she doesn't get sick there?
12/6/2020 c4 MasterKogha
BTW: If you want to see REALLY dense fog the lost woods is NOT the place to go. Tule Fog in California would be so thick in The Lost Woods you won't be able to see the torches until your nose bumps into them!

Tule fog in California can be so thick you are driving down the freeway and CANNOT physically see past your hood and you have to open your door to see the lines on the road. You also have no idea if other driver's are slowing down or broken down until...BAM! 100 car pileup!
12/6/2020 c2 MasterKogha
Wow! Finally a NEW original story! Fanfics have been dead for a while especially Zelda ones. Most fics on search results show up from 2014 which was the height. It seems people are coming out of the election blues all excited for Biden (and foolishly believing the venom seeping out of his tongue).

This should set you straight what a 'Biden' infrastructure will look like and believe me I used to believe Biden was good too! /nationwide-blackouts-will-be-americas-new-reality-under-biden/

The power disaster unfolding in California will soon occur across the country if Joe Biden gets his way.

The Golden State has been sweeping away the forms of energy that have provided reliable electricity for decades, under the same agenda the former Vice-President is planning for America as a whole.

Power outages are now commonplace in California. Last summer, the state suffered its first rolling blackouts in nearly 20 years. Imagine if this happened in Chicago in the middle of winter.

California’s trouble is explained by officials who now openly admit to an over-reliance on wind and solar power.

The governor said there was not enough wind to keep the turbines going, while cloud cover and nightfall restricted solar power. The Los Angeles Times recognized the root of the problem:

“… gas-burning power plants that can fire up when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing have been shutting down in recent years, and California has largely failed to replace them …”

Consequently, the state has fallen thousands of megawatts behind its needs. Governor Gavin Newsom admitted, “we failed to predict and plan for these shortages” and took (nominal) responsibility for the rolling blackouts.

Now he wants everyone to conserve power, while the state looks for new sources of energy, most likely fossil fuel-generated power from neighboring states."
12/5/2020 c1 MasterKogha
We have a looooooooooooooong ride!
12/5/2020 c7 2-Years
...What a turbulent relationship. They have a lot of problems to fix on many fronts. Thyphlo, yay! (I actually only just remembered where that is - for some reason I kept thinking it was the place with the giant mushrooms that I never go to because it’s always covered in giant thunderclouds :p) I love hearing about those ruins! They always feels so mysterious and magical and ancient.
...Does this mean your going to add the Zonai?
12/5/2020 c6 2-Years
(Hello again, here’s an explanation and apology you probably don’t need, but whatever. Sorry I haven’t written more reviews. I saw you wrote another chapter -yay!- but that also means it’ll probably be awhile for the next one -which is fine, take as much time as you need to make it excellent!- so I’m trying to take breaks between every few chapters so I can make them last longer. Anyway, onto the chapter 6 review.)
WHAT?! I thought the champions where dead, or weren’t going to show back up!
*Plot tension has joined the chat, eager to cause chaos with tantrums and stabbing*
(To be honest though they all have good reasons to mad at each other.)
12/4/2020 c14 15Tek Sonay
Well then. That’s one way to get a man to open the door lol! get your man, princess!
Great chapter! Full of beautiful imagery and delicious angst and bitterness, as always. My heart hurt for Zelda in this one. She luff him! Too bad your naughty Calamity antics didn’t hold her back, Linky boi. I sense the end is nearing and I’m nervous to see how they’re going to save him! It’s like traveling with the final boss!
Thank you so much for writing and posting this!
12/3/2020 c14 3Jane Keybored
There’s nothing to hate.

You write such delicious angst! My reader’s heart is rolling around in it like a dog.

From the beginning, when she overhears the conversation with Urbosa... (well done, by the way. I was reading her dialogue in her voice), gosh you can feel the embarrassment and shame of being youthful and inexperienced. And the bit of scene when Urbosa was taking off and they embraced was a wonderful reminder of how mothering Urbosa tries to be and Zelda desires her to be. I was heartbroken at Zelda’s words “‘I wish I could tell you,’ I hissed miserably. ‘I wish there was time.’”

And the end. The resolution to the beginning of the chapter. So good. I love her inner dialogue answer to “‘Well? Was she right? Are you in love with me?’l (“I think I am, and it’s horrible.” Young, unsure or unrequited love sure feels that way.) It’s probably bad form to quote the entire last part of this chapter but there was so much to love! “The boy you dream with doesn’t exist.” So contemptuous of the soul of the body he’s possessed! Calling him “boy” is so dismissive. And of course the narration of drowning in his uncertainty... when you write about the zelinky interactions it’s all very heady. Love it! BUT THEN! She actually kisses the calamity! Like... icky! It really felt like he was so separate from the “good” part, and she really was kissing evil incarnate—willingly! Scandalous. What would good Link dreamy dreams dream-boy say?

Seriously. Thank you for the update. I am super happy about it and it lived up to my months long expectations.
12/3/2020 c14 Mmmmmys

I saw the update on tumblr, I completely forgot about with my whirlwind of a semester !

What a fitting title.
Damn ! When us readers thought that the sweet dreams would be followed by actual peaceful exchanges and progress... This Zelink loves to prove us wrong AHAHAH !

Urbosa (or Ur-boss-a?) finally decided to step in for Zelda’s well-being. And she gives it to us straight ! She spells the vulnerable truth of Zelda’ slide for CalamiLink (and the readers) to see. Her losses. Her feelings. And he chews that out.
I should’ve figured it’s because he knew Zelda was awake...

I have such mixed feelings about this chapter ! Feels like a cliffhanger for its entire duration. The tension is thick !

But someone had to put Zelda’s objective status in perspective. I wish it wasn’t done in such a brutal fashion, because this Zelda is at her breaking point... but it’s the Calamity we’re discussing about.

Moreover, he might have come to his own conclusions after this kiss. After all, the hero exists only in Zelda’s dreams (literally), and CalamiLink also has to deal with that fact.

The Sheikah, the splitting, the discussion about Zelda’s father should have been a welcome discussion but even that couldn’t detract Link’s harsh words from Zelda’s mind. I’m saddened by this :(

The little power plays between the two of them is reaching a breaking point soon though !
It’s fitting to way CalamiLink realises that Zelda has him weak, putty in her hands.
He plays with her feelings but she plays back. I guess he just has seen it coming way before her.

I just woke up from a nap so sorry if it’s not coherent !
12/3/2020 c14 dragonball256
A tad short but some excellent development, can’t wait till next time
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