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7/20 c55 justinq719
This story is epic as he'll... Good work, 6-4 pilot.
7/20 c55 11Moonreaper666
Glad Char died after all the Plot Armor in Canon and in your story

Amuro was definitely underperforming in this battle. He did not curbstomp Char and his three escorts as well as Brenev Ox/Auggs and over 300 Zeon MS and 50 Ships!
7/20 c55 1FighterPlaneAce
I have to say that I've really enjoyed this story. At first, I was a bit doubtful about it since we are talking about Gundam and mobile suits having AI's. But being a fan of Titanfall myself I thought I'd give it a try and I am glad that I wasn't disappointed. Can't wait for the next part of the story to come out. Looking forward to it.
7/20 c55 nliochristou
now that Char is dead who is gonna take his role on Zeta and char's counterattact( if the events happen at all). will you do something like in unicorn, where ZEON remnats clone Char to create Full Frontal, also what advanege you gonna give AUEG and NEO ZEON against Federation AI's to even the odds; because i don't want future battles to be one sided in Federation's favor.
7/19 c55 Thekiller7
And with that it is done. What a great ride 6-4 you took us all on. I thought there'd be more reviews, I left links and told several sites about this story and your work but I guess it goes to show taste is in the mouth of the eater.
7/19 c55 RoyalTwinFangs
I didn’t expect you to that. Who is going to take the mentor role in zeta now? Will you let us know when the sequel is up?
7/19 c55 1TheEmeraldMage
Well having just finished up the entirety of your mobile suit gundam fan fics I can safely say that you've done a good job with what you were given. I'll admit I was very wary on the AI concept and then my brain was going how the h*** is this going to work in the context of this world, but the AI concept was pretty well done and were well done with the cast. Not to mention adding Chan early on was a WAY better idea as like I mentioned before she actually had time to grow develop and even produce a very cute relationship with Amuro, instead of like in Char's Counterattack where surprise here she is! Not to mention you even made a good chunk of the other characters actually progress and do a lot more to the point where it's believable, even if it did mean that some characters were alive rather then dead. Speaking of which I was surprised with a good amount of characters that are alive now and the characters that you did kill off I'm still shocked with the biggest one being Char. Partly because it was surprising considering that he is the main rival to our main character and partly because that means we don't know who's going to be teaching a certain angry gundam pilot in Zeta gundam nor are we gonna get that stupid rebellion. So by killing him I honestly don't know what you're gonna do for later arcs that will more often than not have to do with the red Comet and especially Hamon Khan in Double Zeta. Apart from that I really did enjoy the story from beginning to end especially since the ending in this feels like it's more gonna build-up on specifics of this going to happen in your other stories later on. The teasers do make me feel interested in what you will do next but the chapter was a great end to the one year war, your use of characters from the show, some of the expanded material and even OVAs including changes were soild and the fights did not feel like one up contests even if the AIs. Plus the fact that you actually tackled the corruption of the federation a good amount more earlier than in Canon really shed some light on some later events down the road. Overall, being the first gundam fanfic that I have read that was not some SEED Destiny or SEED stories, this was a fun read and can't wait to see how the sequels will be like! Stay healthy and safe and keep up the great work!
7/19 c55 R reyes
:[, wow just wow that was wow what will happen now that char is dead since there wont be any cca movie dude, also waiting for the ne chapter is going to be a killer man i hope sayla recover from what happened to him
7/19 c55 7RedRat8
Well that was certainly awesome, this has been a fun ride man, through and through, and with Char dead, now the butterfly effect will truly be strong. As well as Revil and Tianam surviving as well, that's going to be really fun to see the aftereffects.
7/19 c55 4Dragon lord Syed 101
good chapter you killed Char I'm not sure how I should feel about that also the war ended huh good fic
7/13 c54 Guest
The end is coming soon. What a wild, wonderful ride this story has been.
7/12 c54 R reyes
when you say you were going to do the cross over you mean the one char counterattack and mass effect one that is the one you plan to do what about one of halo that amuro appear on harvest planet that started the war but that is just me i read a fic about char ending there and destroy the covenant ships,,,,, its your choice dude,,,,,,,, i need to check if that story was updated still stay safe out there dude to all of ya and moo. dude TAKE. A CHILL. PILL MAN
7/12 c54 R reyes
seems the site is a little glitchy it has been for a while and the reviews dint show well it seems is back to normal anyway
7/11 c54 RoyalTwinFangs
We are near the end of the first series. Can’t wait for the other parts.
7/11 c54 Dragon lord Syed 101
Good chapter also this battle so one side it can’t be called anything but a curb stomp also Char and Amuro’s final battle and space hitler is dead
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